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  1. I see that Audiocodes has a single board computer that will fit inside their mediant 1000 allowing me to have the PRI interface and pbx software all on one box. Has anyone out there used this configuration? Any thoughts? Thanks, Tim
  2. What timing! It looks like the same day I downloaded the previous update (13th), a new version was released. I have now upgraded to but this didn't fix it. Resetting the appliance to factory defaults did fix it. I must have changed something I wasn't supposed to.
  3. I can park the call using *85, but when I try to pick it up using *86 I get "This Feature is not available at this time". I'm running v2.1.1.2211 (Linux). I can get it to work on my Windows based box but after comparing settings I can't see that I'm missing anything. Any suggestions? thanks
  4. Answering my own question here, it looks like I do in fact have to just create the directory myself and put the files in there.
  5. I need to copy some files to the tftp server for my Polycom phones but can't find the tftp directory. In training I was told /pbx/tftp but there is no such directory. Do I need to create it?
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    I don't suppose there's any chance you could elaborate on how to do what you mentioned. I can't seem to find anyplace to tinker with the settings you mentioned. thanks
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    I have a 601 with the attendant console. It's running sip version and I can only add 10 extensions under the "list of extensions to watch". the * doesn't work. I've reset the local settings, formatted the phone, etc. Once I add the 11th extension to watch, none of them appear. It doesn't matter how many Lines I have configured under the registration tab. Any suggestions?
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    I tried using the "watch the calls of the following extensions" and "watch the presence of the following extensions" fields on the general tab of the extension of my polycom 601 and I'm not seeing anything other than the 601's own extension on it's buttons. Is there something I'm missing?
  9. theinzen


    Is there a way to manually configure the buttons on a Polycom (specifically a 14 button attendant console) by hand editing the xml files on the server? If so, could you give me some advice on how to get started (which files to edit and where to put them)? Thanks, Tim
  10. OK, I see now that the IP can't be natted. Still the same, if anyone has setup bandwidth.com on a pbxnsip machine before I'd appreciate it if you could let me know how you set it up.
  11. I just purchased a SIP trunk from bandwidth.com but the setup is fighting me. Has anyone setup their service with pbxnsip before? I'm using the appliance. Thanks
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