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  1. just make sure PBX integration si selected and server URI is just 'sip:'
  2. Are there any know issue with fw 7.3.4 ? Is it safe or useful to upgrade ? thanks, valerio
  3. I am still having problems with the address book. It only displays the first 9 entries out of 20. I have even tried upgrading phones to 7.1.33 It have made a trace and it is the PBX that generates an incorrect XML reply to the phone request. I have attached the network trace and its ascii equivalent. Please remove the .txt from the wireshark pcap file as uploading is not permitted. ---------------- Frame 27 GET /snom/adrbook.xml?user=2&auth=82141aa666e0325758cdb2170d33b003 HTTP/1.1 Host: Accept: */* Accept-Language: en-us Connection: Keep-Al
  4. That still does not work, have copied the file "snom_3xx_phone.xml" from one of the MAC directory and copied it to TFTP. I have removed all the extension specific info and the file only contains <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <phone-settings> <utc_offset perm="RW">3600</utc_offset> <timezone perm="RW">ITA+1</timezone> <user_server_type idx="1" perm="RW">pbxnsip</user_server_type> <dst perm="RW">3600 3.5.7 2:0:0 10.5.7 2:0:0</dst> <with_flash perm="RW">off</with_flash> <language perm="
  5. I have tried coping the {MAC} directory under tftp and under http but it does not work!!!! looking at the phone log I can see that it tries to load a file -{MAC}.xml that according to the order in which it is loaded should contain the custom settings....but the phone gets a http error 302 I have tried creating such file under tftp and http in the main folders and under the {MAC} folders but the phone never find it !!!! How can I pass custom settings to the phones ?????? please help !!!!! 6]24/12/2001 00:00:08: I take GUI language English from: /mnt/snomlang/gui_lang_EN.x
  6. so if I understand well I have to create a {MAC} directory under tftp for evey phone end edit each snom_3xx_phone.xml inside each directory individually ?
  7. Hi I have the same problem, I need to provide the parameters shown in the picture. I have tried addind then in the PnP section as shown in the picture but it does not work. I have tried creating a snom_3xx_phone.xml file and putting it in the TFTP directory and it does not work. I have tried creating a snom_3xx_phone.xml file and putting it in the HTML directory and the phone gets only the parameters in the file but not all the user info it normally gets during provisioning. What I am doing wrong ???? thanks, Valerio
  8. I have reset the phone to factory defaults and reprovisoined them, I have even tried to install the pbx on a new clean machine but the phone always get the first 9 entry of the address book but not the remaining. About the language issue, the lang files are in place and the phones load them, but I need to select and use the Italian when the phone gets provisoned and not have the phone proviosned with other langages but still defaulting to english. thanks
  9. Hello, I have two problem with pbxnsip e snom 360 fw 7.1.30, I can autoprovision the phones but when I press the directory button on the phone I get only the fist 9 entries of the domain address book (about 20 entries) and the following message in the logs: 2008/05/23 12:18:59: Web Server: File snom/adrbook.xml?user=1&auth=557fa927fedc754de431e50f3688e89e not found 2008/05/23 12:18:59: Remote site closed the connection Second problem is with the language, I can provision the phones with the available languanges but I dont know how to set it to Italian on autoprovios
  10. Looks like PAC does not work if the PBX is running on non standard ports and it does not accept the format IP:port in the server address field.
  11. wow.......it works......... For your conveinince I am adding the log from the successful call.....so that you can check any possible side effects.... thanks....great support and great product [7] 2008/01/15 00:34:42: SIP Rx tcp: INVITE sip:300@;user=phone SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK-zgpkxwhj1qo0;rport From: "3300" <sip:3300@>;tag=c1madbtcuv To: <sip:300@;user=phone> Call-ID: 90f18b478847-vob18memj2yl@snomSoft-000413FFFFFF CSeq: 1 INVITE Max-Forwards: 70 Contact: <sip:3300@10.
  12. hello, the new build did not solve the problem I am attaching a new trace with tihs build and same a call from 3300 (snom softphone) to (300) Office communicator I only trid to put on hold from communicator but same behaviour [7] 2008/01/14 23:29:06: SIP Rx tcp: INVITE sip:300@;user=phone SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK-gpzd3xpxmc3k;rport From: "3300" <sip:3300@>;tag=w529eyt2w6 To: <sip:300@;user=phone> Call-ID: 33e28b478f31-yicswmynrfel@snomSoft-000413FFFFFF CSeq: 1 INVITE Max-Forwards:
  13. There is a serious problem if you establish trunk between pbxnsip and ocs. If you try to put a call on hold from the office communicator client or office communicator phone edition the client reports putting on hold was unsucessfull and just mutes speaker and microphone, you can ear the moh but after a short while the call drops. here is attached a trace of the issue. A linksys phone (3300) logged in pbxnsip starts the call to office communicator phone edition (300 translated +39081999999300). first I put on hold from the linksys phone and everything works ok and I can resume t
  14. ok.....if there are some changes to be made.....why not implement a checkbox next to the registrations allowing the admin to select the ones he wants to clear ? Doing so might help when is necessary to reset a registration for a phone but leave the static ones in place. thanks, valerio
  15. How can I achive a truly static registration for an external extension ? I have tried with the "add contact" command in registration tab but on reboot of the pbx the registration goes away, is there a way to make the registration permanent even after reboot ?
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