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  1. OK, thank you for quick answer. I know the provider can handle redirection the way you mention because we have made it with other PBX:es. Is it possible to make this with snom ONE?
  2. Hi, Just got a question from a customer that has a SIP trunk which is limited to 4 simultaneous calls. One extension is redirected ("Call forward all calls to") an external number and they have many calls going that way. The problem is that for each call that is redirected, two "lines" are taken until the call has ended. Is there any way we can configure it so that the SIP trunk provider sends signaling directly to the external number when calls are redirected? Best regards, Jim
  3. If you are using snom phones I would recommend to try ContactPad (http://www.contactpad.com). It gives you click to call from any Windows software, caller info/popup on incoming calls etc. It connects to various address sources like Outlook/Exchange, Google Contacts etc.
  4. How do we do with the customers using the free version?
  5. Thanks, Our customers are using 32-bit version. What is the way to move from 32-bit to 64-bit? Can we just take a copy of all content (except pbxctrl.exe) in the old install directory, uninstall 32-bit and install the new 64-bit version and copy all folders back over the new installation? Regards, Jim
  6. Hi, I am hijacking this thread because we are experiencing similar problems at two of our customer's systems. We do not have any traces, we only know that some calls are dropped and the customers cannot see anything that leads us to understand the source of the issue. I saw somewhere in the forum that you have made some bugfixes after the latest public 4.5 version. Could we get to download the latest 32-bit Windows version to try if it solves our problems? Best regards, Jim
  7. In cases with dynamic IP and NAT we use a good SIP-aware firewall from Intertex. No NAT configuration at all is needed in snom ONE, the router inspects the SIP messages and translates private IP addresses to the correct public IP. Works very well for smaller systems. Best regards, Jim
  8. Call from Outlook - Select a phone number and press the direct dial hotkey of your choice. You set desired key combinations under ContactPad's settings. DHCP - how often do the phones really change IP-address? In my experience practically never. We have gotten this question before but never seen it be a problem since the phones always get the same IP address that they have had before. Regards, Jim
  9. If you are using snom phones, I can recommend our CTI client ContactPad, free to download from http://www.contactpad.com. Some ContactPad features: Quicksearch and call your Outlook/Exchange contacts from a Google-like search Systray popup with Outlook/Exchange contact details on incoming call Open Outlook contact card of caller with a click Dial any selected phone number with user defined hotkey Best regards, Jim
  10. As I understand it Chappo is referring to a problem that we have tried to fix in the ContactPad CTI software but we have not managed to solve it. Here it is: http://forum.snom.com/index.php?showtopic=1946. We have tried to make use of the Action URL setting "action_received_attended_transfer" but without luck. We would really appreciate if someone from Snom would explain how we should use this action URL to solve the issue. Best regards, Jim
  11. Couldn't agree more. As Kalle says, to sell big in Sweden we need to be able to offer MEX functionality. Our competitors (LG/Ericsson, Avaya, Telepo etc.) has it and all major telecom operators offer it via ISDN and SIP trunks combined with GSM/3G for the mobile phones. I understand that the Scandinavian market may not be very big, but other vendors like Avaya have found it worth to build in support for it in their software . Best regards, Jim
  12. Hi, We did a new install today and noticed that when using IP replacement for SIP messages this also affects PnP provisioning. So now the phones (all are on LAN) are told to look for xml files on the public IP instead of the private IP. I know some firewalls can handle this but not the one used by this customer so the phones do not reach their provisioning files. OK, I know we can edit the provisioning templates and hard code the local IP address there but I wanted to check with you if this behaviour is intended or maybe a bug and if there is a proper way to get around it? Regards, Jim
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