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  1. The software has seen so many improvements over the years, but we still need need to upload 8 kHz Mono, 16 bit wav files for prompts. HD audio now is a standard in the SIP world, and I would love our clients to hear prompts that do not sound sound like they come from underground. Improving sound quality would be a great feature and a much better experience for any calling party.
  2. After upgrading to 4.5 we lost the internal ringtones somehow. When calling from one extension to another there is only silence until the other party picks up. We also replaced the language folders (audio_de, audio_en) on the system to the actual versiosn from the Snom download area, as recommended by the wiki.
  3. This did it. Problem solved. directories was not present, but webpages. I deleted the latter and no error messages came up any more. Thanks.
  4. Another hint: Some pages don't look right. There are checkboxes with no description. May this helps to find the problem.
  5. I did not customize the interface, because our staff does not use the web interface at all. It's all set to SnomOne's defaults.
  6. I did not edit the dictionary, but I tried to reset it anyway. This did not help. After about 60 sec. the log's filled again with error messages starting with "Dictionary". I have a full backup from last december. Is there a way to copy the missing files from somewhere into the installation? I would not like to start with a complete new setup.
  7. Upgraded today from 4.3 to 4.5 by replacing pbxctrl.exe. The log produces many error messages like these (see below). The PBX seems to work anyway but it' still not really nice. [5] 2012/03/05 16:48:56: Dictionary: Item dom_header.htm cur_dom en not found [5] 2012/03/05 16:48:56: Dictionary: Item dom_footer.htm cur_dom en not found [5] 2012/03/05 16:48:56: Dictionary: Item dom_footer.htm copyright en not found [5] 2012/03/05 16:48:57: Dictionary: Item dom_header.htm cur_dom en not found [5] 2012/03/05 16:48:57: Dictionary: Item dom_footer.htm cur_dom en not found [5] 2012/03/05 16:48:
  8. We have a couple of Snoms on the PBX. One Snom 300 reports "Network failure" upon the first attempt to dial a number. Redialing the same number fixes the problem. Having to dial each number two times is a little annoying obviously. How could I fix this?
  9. We have .4025 installed. Maybe the issue wasn't completely fixed. However, this does not happen very often, but mostly when the admin (me) is off for 2-3 days :-) I will probably write a small script to restart the service automatically every 24 hours at nighttime.
  10. About every 2-3 weeks all our trunks (6 trunks) go offline at the same time and stay that way. Clicking the Register links (on the right of each trunk's name) fixes this immediately. But I can only do this once users start complaining that the pbx is offline. What setting should I use, so the trunks go online automatically if this happens again? Note: This is not caused by failure of our internet connection.
  11. My welcome message should play 3 times according to the setting in "Number of times to repeat the welcome message", but the Auto Attendant always connects to the Redirect Number after the first time already. Timeout is set to 0. Did I misunderstand anything?
  12. I don't fully understand the use of Gateway trunks as decribed under http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=SIP_Gateway. I want to connect two SnomOne systems over a VPN. In the example Domain 1's gateway trunk is set to IP and domain 2's IP is That's all fine. But how does domain 1 find the route to domain 2? And how do the systems now on what side the 5xx and 6xx numbers are located. Is there some information missing? Besides: There is also a typo in the example. In the picture with the phones ist says IP In the setup example below 195 ist
  13. Setup-Identity-Login-Displayname
  14. Solved: The problem was caused by a malfunctioning DSL line. There were no issues with SnomOne or the firewall.
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