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  1. Fair enough. The pages that are working are looking great though. One last questions for this project: The page Domains/Settings/Email/Email Setup (serverip/reg_email.htm) diplays the status of the currently used (email) servers at the very buttom. We have two lines there. One for the old and one for the new server (the email server was updated too). It seems there is still a qeue left from the old email setup. We don't need these mails anymore and it would be nice for this line to disappear . Where in the filesystem can I delete old email qeues?
  2. Thank you for these instructions. The change was really easy and the pbx is up and running on the new sever. BUT... the new web interface is a big step back in regards of usability. At least at this stage of development. Many pages don't display the information properly. Just a few examples (see attachments): Extensions/Registration: IP number of extension is cut off. Pretty important for service issues. List of extensions: Numbers cut off Domain's call log not working That's probably all CSS issues, but I'd rather prefer the information to be readable than to be hidden in an
  3. In addition I guess I must instruct the server to run the pbxctrl.exe as a service.
  4. We need to move the pbx to a new server. It's still running on WinServer 2008. All settings will stay the same. What would be the fastest way to do this. I did not find instruction in the Wiki. Please help me out with a link. Thank you.
  5. Issue solved: Our IT provider changed the MTU from 1.500 to 1.200 and the Snoms are working again with the Vodia PBX. Is there any explanation from you side why they act so special vs all the other equipment?
  6. Today, after 5 days of malfunction, the Snom phones are accessing the PBX. We did not find any apparent reason for this change. However there is audio with all external numbers, but no audio with internal extensions. Again the issue occurs with our SNOM phones only, not with any ot the other devices. We checked the PCAP traces again and there was a significant change from yesterday (abreviated): <SNOM IP> to <Server IP> 1326 Request: INVITE: sip xxx@pbx.. <Server IP> to <Snom IP> SIP547 351 Status: 100 Trying <Server IP> to <Snom IP> SIP547 St
  7. Our Vodia PBX worked fine until a couple of days ago. For some unknown reason all Snom phones can't contact the PBX any more (Snom message: Network failure). All of our softphones are working fine. The Snom phones are registered and can be called by the PBX (incoming calls), but not the other way around (outgoing calls). There have been no updates or changes to the network infrastructure, there is no firewall involved. We checked the traffic with wireshark and found this line: <Server IP> to <Snom IP> SIP 547 Status: 401 Authentication Required The Snom phones the
  8. Thank you. This seems to get complicated. We'll just leave it like it is. We don't need the CDR so often. I know whereabout to find the new records -somehwere in the middle of the list- so that's fine for our needs.
  9. That request is a little beyond my technically knowledge. In Chrome's developer windows I am beeing offered: reg_callog.htm, pbx.js, reg_format.js, twocoll.css. Which code should I send?
  10. Yes. It's dom_callog.htm. But reg_callog.htm# has the same behaviour.
  11. Hello again. I didn't have time for the last couple of days to deal with this matter, but accidentially I made an interesting discovery today. The CDRs are there, but not listed in an order that makes sense. On the page Call History is says "Please select page". The most recent CDRs should be on the last page, but they aren't. That's why I did not find them. I have 948 lines as of today and the newest CDRs are listed somewhere in the middle on lines 401-450. Line 1 ist June 2nd 2016 and line 948 July 15th 2016. Not very useful. Has some index been mixed up maybe?
  12. Where can I find this new setting? I did not spot it so far.
  13. This has worked fine for many years, but for some reason the updating process has stopped. We did not change anything on the file system. The only recent change was an update to v 5.5.0 Could I simply delete the CDR records and see what would happen next? Which file oder folder can be deleted safely?
  14. Status/Call Log OR Localhost/Status/Call Log: In both locations the system stopped to produce cdr records. The last record is from July 9th. That is page 731. I already doubled CDR Recording Setting/Maximun numbers of of CDRs to 50.000, and we are running a small system with only 9 extensions. A delete option would be nice or what kind of issue could cause this behaviour? Thanks in advance for your advice! Andy
  15. The software has seen so many improvements over the years, but we still need need to upload 8 kHz Mono, 16 bit wav files for prompts. HD audio now is a standard in the SIP world, and I would love our clients to hear prompts that do not sound sound like they come from underground. Improving sound quality would be a great feature and a much better experience for any calling party.
  16. Thank you. That would be a way to go. I would prefer this to happen automatically. Is there something like a fallback function (via the trunk) in case it's not available.
  17. Maybe someone can give me a hint. We have two outgoing lines at one location. That is two trunks, each one with a separate number. The dial plan points to one of these trunks only. Is there a way two use these lines alternatively for outgoing calls in case one is busy? I didn't really find a way to set this up.
  18. Yes. Same number, same trunk, same IVR.
  19. I have to pick this up again. In general IVR is working, but there is no audio for callers from two German mobile providers. Vodaphone and O2 do not receive audio, but all others do, like T-Mobile. Audio is also OK for all calls from landlines. Strange. Isn't it?
  20. Problem solved: We reset the firewall.
  21. We are running the PBX for years with no major issues at all. Version is 5.2.5 with no setting changes for months. During the last two weeks many external calls that are routed to the IVR do not receive audio. The audio file is working. No codecs have been locked. The IVR works in the internal network. We don't really have an idea how to fix this. Could this be an issue caused by the external providers or is there a setting that could be changed on the PBX?
  22. The test area is quite usefull to check a more complex dial plan. Maybe you could improve this: The algorithm does not seem to include the fields Country Code and Area Code from Domain/General Settings, even though these field are changing the SIP message to the provider So far we did not use the fields Country Code and Area Code, so we filled them in at some point. This caused the calls to be unroutable by the provider even though the test area did not reflect that change. So seeing the effect of the change immediately would certainly help. Thank you.
  23. We are moving the system for technical reasons. Our PBX is running in a virtual machine already (Hyper-V), but our IT people want to move it to a Xen environment. I am no expert on this matter, but it seems they prefer to set up a new machine, rather than converting the vhd. In that case I would like to change our licence to an IP based licence, because the server needs to be online anyway in order to operate. Is that possible? Besides: Why not add a deliecence feature?
  24. Hello. We will move the PBX to a new server on Monday. This will happen on purpose. There has been no crash. We are just reorganizing our IT infrastructure. I do understand that the licence can be reset only one time on the Vodia website. So we will be left with 0 reset after the move. What happens in the event of a real crash or if a disc might get corrupted? Will we have to buy a new licence? I wish there would be a deactivation feature, as there is with many other protected software packages. What is the idea behind th actual procedure? I hope that we will not have to worry
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