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  1. Hello, Thank you. I have asked this on SNOM phones forum now. Best regards, Gregor
  2. Hello, We have found a problem in documentation (or) firmware of SNOM 710 (language definition). Provisioning for Slovenian language must be set differently with various firmware versions. Documentation states same as firmware (preloaded on the phone) but in the latest firmware (updated firmware from SNOM web) this is different. Firmware: SNOM 710 - <language perm="">Slovenian</language> Firmware: SNOM 710 - <language perm="">SlovenÅ¡Äina</language> Documentation: http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/language - <language perm="">Slovenian</language> Is this a problem with documentation or firmware. For me it is a problem since my template editor always changes UTF to some other format so I have to replace language every time general_custom.xml template is edited (for Thank you and best regards, Gregor
  3. Hello, We have upgraded one SNOM710 phone with the following firmware: snom710- We have found out that auto provisioning fetched snom710 with ${mac} file differently as previous firmware. It behaves the same if device is reset to factory defaults. snom710-SIP [NOTICE] PHN: Fetching URL: tftp:// <--- Wrong snom710-SIP [NOTICE] PHN: Fetching URL: tftp:// <--- Correct Could you be so kind and find a solution form me. Thank you and best regards, Gregor
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