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  1. Tried on XP system , on Task manager shows Auto Attendant running . but no SnomOne UC Client screen but registration screen appears. Once filled up screen goes off and nothing happens
  2. having problem installing in pc with newer version of c++
  3. hi Where can i download WAC and PAC ? rgd deva
  4. HI Can i know how is the syntax of the call recording for a different path eg to another folder or domain how to change $r to 192 168.2.15 rgd deva
  5. devakt

    SOAP Script PHP

    HI Need a short script in php just to display the Caller ID and Extention No .. via SOAP TKU DEVA
  6. The exchange server is running of sp1 .. does this effect the ivr rgd deva
  7. hi We have a problem on getting the correct IVR When a caller A make a call to caller B and caller B is engaged or no answer the call goes to Exchange IVR but ask for the A's pin number for the mailbox and not the message to leave a message for B. Is there any setting on the pbxnsip or Exchange to be done. So that the prompt would be to leave a message for B regards deva
  8. I have connected the Broadband modem to the WAN port of CS410 with the following setup Broadband modem with PPOA with the Fixed Public IP to the wan port of CS410 and the IP phones / PC connected to the CS410 LAN port through switch. From the PC I cannot browse the internet although I have put DNS IP in the CS410. The version of CS410 is .
  9. hi What we see at the "To" Header going to the phone is 41, and not the FXO no 1234567.
  10. we need to display the incoming FXO port ID to the extension Example FXO 1 - 1234567 (PSTN NO) caller - 5432134 caller(5432134) calls --->1234567(FXO 1) --> FXO 1 receives call from 5432134 ---> transfers to extension 41----> the caller ID at the extension 41 shows 5432134 What we need is the extension to show the FXO PSTN No (1234567) is this possible?
  11. devakt


    hi wonder did u try the program and do u know where the cdr is stored?
  12. hi I am trying to update the c410 with update 2084 .. placed the link at the URL in the configuration field but nothing happen. is there any other step that i am missing out .. thank you deva
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