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  1. Thank you for the upgrade Path. This is all I wanted and am greatful for it.
  2. I don't want to be purchasing my products from different company's, that was the point of going with Snom in the first place. You keep using the word Free, our hardware was not free. Stop implying that we are getting something for nothing. There is an old proverb that applies here; 50% Something is better than 100% of nothing. Right now you are getting nothing and loosing customers who would transition into the larger products as their business and needs grow.
  3. Yes, this is true however you did not need to pay full price for the new OS. I would suggest using the hardware serial number. For future versions of the SoHo and Mini you can give them a license number with the unit that you can then use for upgrade paths.
  4. Last I checked the SoHo was not "Free". I feel ripped off because the SoHo is marketed as a full pbx and now it isn't.
  5. My Phones are Snom... Have to say I am now getting angry... and feeling very ripped off and lied to.
  6. Have gotton the SnomONE SoHo upgraded to version 5. Very surprised to find that the free license only supports 5 extensions now and not 10? Is there a different license sku for the SoHo?
  7. Do we have a time frame on this? My business is without a phone system now. I am very unimpressed with your assumption, you should know your products and test them before releasing the update. Very Unprofessional.
  8. I have the exact same issue with the snom SoHo.
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