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  1. Hi We are having problems when calling from the cell phone into the system , we are not getting the standard prompt message press 1 to make an outbound calls and etc..., I have my cell phone number under redirection associated with my extension and i am using (Linux). I've checked the sip logs and I can see the correct cell phone number on the INVITE , any ideias ?, help would be much appreciated Regards,
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    Midnignt Events

    Hey Bill H, it would be great if can please tell me how you did to save the CDR reports in .csv files, I got a little bit confused with the these instructions here http://pbxnsipsupport.com/index.php?_m=kno...kbarticleid=389 Regards, Thiago
  3. Hi I have an issue regarding the playing of the music on hold. At the moment, when the line is busy, the third caller that calls in hears MOH insted of the normal ring ring tone. 1. When a client calls into their trunk number, it goes “Ring Ring” “Ring Ring” 2. Then when they are on the line with their client and another person calls, the new caller now hears a Music instead of “Ring Ring” “Ring Ring”. 3. In simple terms, when the person is busy on the phone and another person calls, the new caller hears a music instead of ring ring. 4. They would like to change it so that the new caller does not hear a music but instead Ring Ring too. How can I do that?
  4. Hi Jag, We are using Version: (Linux) and still experiencing problems with call drop outs after 30 seconds, we are using a Matrix GSM gateway registered to pbxnsip to make outbound calls to mobile phones , after exact 30 seconds call to mobile phones are terminated, calls to a landline works fine. any ideas what it could be the problem? When you use the gsm gateway without register on pbxnsip works fine too Any help would be appreciated Thank You Thiago
  5. Hi, I've e noticed today the following issues have appeared with PBX version (Linux) and (Linux) * Pbx is not sending emails with the voice mail wave file as attachment * Cannot retrieve voice mail messages logging on from the web interface as the extension number * Voicemail messages not playing – when listening to voicemail the mailbox voice says “You have one message, message number one” followed immediately by “End of voicemail message*” with no message actually being played. Nothing has been changed on the network and I also checked the exchange server and there is no messages hanged in the queue to be sent, what log should I set up in order to track down this kind of events on the PBX? Any help would be much appreciated Regards,
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