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  1. It has been answered in the ticket you opened with us. Thanks.
  2. Hmmm that is their page (the very idea of oauth so that you don't give us the password). Can you login to your Zoho account in other tab before hand. Then when it comes to this screen it will already be logged and you just have to accept it.
  3. It has been fixed already. Can you please update to the latest 67.0.5. Thanks,
  4. There is nothing different for Avaya. You just have to add the MAC into the extension to which you want to register the phone to, open it for mac based provisioning for the first time as described in our document, and direct the phone to the Vodia PBX and reboot it. It should get provisioned. Then go to the buttons to set up the buttons etc.
  5. Can you please elaborate? Those are things that should happen automatically. When the phone is provisioned, it should get the buttons and they should behave correctly like that without having to set anything. Did you provision an Avaya phone and it does not behave like that? You can also update to 67.0.4 which is just newer of course and also may have further improvements for this as well.
  6. Merging a call as in a 3-way conference? In the desktop version you can already do it (and it will soon be coming to the mobile app version too). If one or more callers are on hold and you are talking to someone, then you can merge them all into a conference with a click of the conference button. You will have to have at least one ad-hoc conference room set up in that domain though.
  7. Are you using the QR code from the user portal? You can open a ticket with Vodia so that maybe you can paste the QR code there so we can give it a look. With user name and password, it is the web username and password you have to use. And the username is extension@domain of the pbx.
  8. We would need more debug information not that you are presumably doing it correctly but the call not being made. Could you please open a ticket with Vodia with the last post. Also the SIP logs. OR if it's only a test system, maybe we can have the url, login and password of the admin of the system, if it's a public system so we can exactly see what's happening and advice accordingly. You can add that in the ticket if you want.
  9. When you say it does not auto start, you mean you don't receive calls on it when the screen is off and it just been sitting there? That would be an issue if that is happening because it's working for us and most of our customers, we will have to have more information why that would happen for you. Have you opened a ticket with us for that?
  10. Have you base64 encode the username and password for auth parameter as mentioned in the doc: auth=base-64-encode(123@domain.com:password) As you can see the username is present in the auth again.
  11. 1. You will be held on the PBX and MS Teams is informed, so you will hear Teams MOH and anything else Teams may want to do since it knows you are on hold. 2. Yes. You can transfer the calls to any extension or account on the PBX or an outside line.
  12. Can you please check if the setting <allow_wrtc_trunk> is true in pbx.xml file in the pbx working directory? If not, set it to true and then restart the pbx.
  13. Can you please make sure none of the volume is set to zero, especially media volume both when in a call or not. When you increase or decrease the volume you can click on the drop down of the volume and see if any of the 5 or 6 types of volumes is set to zero. This happens when some devices it selects the wrong volume type sometimes in a call. It does not happen in pixel (I am assuming its not a pixel phone)? But some others have deviated from native Android and created many volume types but sometimes fail to select correctly. Let us know if that solves the issue.
  14. Hi, On some phones like the one you mentioned, they sometimes select a different volume (like call volume, media volume etc.) for a call and seems like a bug because it changes from time to time. When he is in a call, can he press the volume up/down button but then choose the drop down to see all volumes and then increase the other volumes that could be lower than the call volume, most probably the media volume. I hope that helps... Thanks.
  15. Make sure the setting allow webrtc trunk is set to true in the pbx.xml file of the pbx working directory and restart the pbx after that. It was done because of security reasons. No login calls (even if they are not allowed to call out) can be a small security risk and therefore this setting is off by default. If you need it and aware of the little security risk you can turn it on as explained above. In the pbx.xml file it should read: <allow_wrtc_trunk>true</allow_wrtc_trunk>
  16. It has already been done. We will double check as to why it didn't make it to 59.4 but the next release should have it.
  17. But the presence page takes care of that, provided we are talking about the same thing. In the new interface we are considering adding the presence into in the home page but for now you can easily go to the presence page for the blf info.
  18. You have to login as a user to get a session id before using the websocket API, which can be used to monitor calls or make and hangup calls etc. You can get the session ID during login and then use that token on every subsequent call. An example is given below: hash = MD5(password); vars = { name: "auth", value: account + " " + hash }; sessId = putRest("/rest/system/session", vars); if (sessId != "") { document.cookie = "session=" + sessId; } The account (extension@domain) and password (its MD5 hash is used) are for the user login. To login, you make a REST call to "/rest/system/session" to the PBX with the variables explained above. You will get a session ID which you can then set to a cookie as shown, for all subsequent calls. I hope that solves the problem for you. Thanks.
  19. Can you please tell us what version of the PBX are you running? Because the encryption connection is 1.0 there and we have switched to TLS 1.2. At least that will rule out anything new we have done so that the problem can be narrowed with the version number of the PBX.
  20. I didn't get which phone you are using because the templates depend highly on the phone and model. But since we support so many phones and models, I am sure wheat you want to do should be possible out of the box provided it is one of the supported phones. If it is one of the supported phones, then all you have to do is go to the extension when you will set on the phone and go to buttons for that extension and give it the above values (ideally set BLF for button types which also handles speed dial). Then you have to provision (setup) that phone from the PBX so that it gets all its settings including buttons from the PBX. There are many links on our documentation page for setting up different phones and buttons etc.: https://vodia.com/doc/index Just search for buttons and provisioning, you should see docs for the different phones. I hope that helps. Thanks.
  21. On the snom phone web interface, under the identity in use, under tab RTP, check the setting "RTP Encryption:" It should be on. If it is off, that's the problem then we have to see why it is be provisioned as off and not on. Thanks.
  22. Can you please factory reset one phone (for testing) and re-provision it. The problem is the snom phones don't overwrite provisioning settings and with the new version something needs to be updated. That can be done if the phone is in factory reset mode and then provisioned. I am assuming that will be the problem. Thanks.
  23. The top save button is for the picture saving only (next to the picture). Maybe it should say, save picture.
  24. Yes there was a problem we found. It should work in the next build of the version. Thanks.
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