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  1. It was my first attempt... I've removed the html directory and the ringtones.xml file and restart the pbx. No luck...
  2. Ok, i do the following and all now seems ok (i'm on debian): 1) uninstall snomone (dpkg --purge snomone) 2) remove snomone directory (rm -fr /usr/local/snomONE) 3) reinstall last version with dpkg 4) reset of snom300 and shutdown (*,vol up,*, vol down, #) 5) modified the default group 72 to use "external" ringer 6) modified with the webpage took the pnp -> ringtones.xml to use a custom ringer for external instead of the predefinited one 7) power up the snom300 and now everything works fine
  3. I've tied both with my custom sound and with the original custom 1 sound but nothing seems to work and the phone ring always the same!
  4. Yes I have. I have my phones in auto provisioning mode.
  5. Hello, anyone has been able to configure snomone to have different ringtones between external (hunt group routed) calls and internal calls? I've a test machine with 1 hunt group with 2 phone (snom 300 ver8.7.3.15) and 1 sip provider. I've experience with snom300 and asterisk and i'm able to set different ringtones playing with the alert-info message and the phone admin page but no luck with snomone!!! I've tried with the option in the hunt group configuration without luck. I've also follow the instruction to modify the ringtones.xml but i'm only able to set a personalized ringtone for the phone using the phone admin page and not from the snomone.
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