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  1. Using the G729 codec w/ 5.0.4 under OS X produces garbled audio. Trucks to voip.ms and callcentric. No issues under 4.5 and no issue with other codecs in 5.0.4. Anyone else see this? Version: 5.0.4 (MacOS) Created on: Jan 24 2013 17:26:46 License Status: snom ONE forty xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Any word on "Other operating systems will follow soon."
  3. Never mind, I didn't see this on the website before "Just use your version 4 activation code as a voucher, and you get 50 % off the bundle price."
  4. What are the values of the vouchers? I like to know that before I chose a bundle.
  5. I'm no longer seeing the error 57 when using Delta Aurigids (MacOS). I still frequently see error 60 but it doesn't seem to be causing any troubles. (I've had one blind transfer fail that I think should not have, I monitor that.)
  6. I created 2 test installations of snomONE under OS X and 1 under Linux. Both OS X installs exhibited the behavior eventually (anywhere from 3 to 10 calls to the IVR after starting up). I couldn't make it happen with Linux. Good, come right back with the destination [8] 20120503160559: Call from an user 509 [8] 20120503160559: To user 500 [8] 20120503160559: Call state for call object 51: idle [8] 20120503160559: Call state for call object 51: connected [5] 20120503160559: set codec: codec pcmu/8000 is set to call-leg 50 [5] 20120503160559: Last message repeated 3 times [8] 20120503160559: HTTP client: Connect to, pending requests 0 [8] 20120503160559: Received response code 200 with destination 512 Bad, comes right back with the error 57, also note the error 60, doesn't always happen right before a 57 [8] 20120503160614: Call from an user 509 [8] 20120503160614: To user 500 [8] 20120503160614: Call state for call object 52: idle [8] 20120503160615: Call state for call object 52: connected [4] 20120503160615: select returns error 60 (rtp) [5] 20120503160615: set codec: codec pcmu/8000 is set to call-leg 51 [5] 20120503160615: Last message repeated 3 times [8] 20120503160615: HTTP client: Connect to, pending requests 0 [5] 20120503160615: Could not send 535 bytes to, error code 57
  7. It (IVR/SOAP) works fine with pbxctrl-darwin9.0-2011- but not with 1030 or 1050. I got more reports of disconnecting transfers, I've reverted to
  8. As far as I call tell there is no delay. I'm suspecting something went wrong with the update, now 2 users mentioned transfers disconecting calls. Going from 4.2 to 4.5 nothing other than the binary needs to be changed, right?
  9. I'm on OS X with no software firewall. I'm not seeing any TCP traffic on port 8080 on the snomONE machine or the web server (different machines). It seems to me that the PBX is timing out because it never made the http request. It works occasionally, usually 3 times in a row but I can't reliably reproduce it. When it does work I see the TCP traffic as expected.
  10. 1 more line: [8] 2012/04/30 12:56:53: HTTP client: Connect to, pending requests 0 [5] 2012/04/30 12:56:53: Could not send 555 bytes to, error code 57 [4] 2012/04/30 12:57:53: HTTP client: Timeout on [3] 2012/04/30 12:57:53: IVR Node: Received http code 0 Whitelist, Settings/Access and add an allow entry? Did that, same results. Also same results when trying a different URL on different server, which also worked with 4.2. Messing around with the time out and different lengths of the message I just had it working but a few minutes later I can't recreate. This is what I have/want: No wav file DTMF Match List:!T!310! Timeout: 0
  11. I have an IVR node with a SOAP URL that works fine with but when I use I see this in the log. [5] 2012/04/30 11:09:25: Could not send 555 bytes to, error code 57 and a minute later [4] 2012/04/30 11:10:25: HTTP client: Timeout on On the webserver I only see the request several minutes later and if I call the IVR 3 times in a row on the webserver the 3 request all come at the same time. Ideas?
  12. It would be nice if this (the E and T) made it into the documentation. It would have saved me a lot of time. With a DTMF match of !T!999! and a time out of 0, I can go to SOAP right away. I knew I was missing something. :roll eyes:
  13. Doesn't seem to be working for me. When I call in from my cell I don't get the usual Auto Attendant (so far so good), just silence. Pressing 4 to get to the AA followed by an extension also doesn't work. Any ideas? 2011- (Darwin)
  14. Hi Matt, Thanks, I'm on 9.2.42-us-a. Oops, I missed that on the m9 forums, it's hard to keep up with a moving target.
  15. Trying to transfer a call from a snom m9 results in the call getting disconnected and in log I see: REFER from device type "" is not supported in this product What am I doing wrong?
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