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  1. Hello everybody, Now I am testing the following version for multi-tenant solution: Software-Version: 5.1.1 (Debian64) Build Date: Aug 17 2013 07:21:05 License Status: snom ONE free (Trial for multi-tenant) And I experienced with some dificulties: the first one - it is inpossible to "Create Bulk Account (Import CSV)" (if I need to migrate or merge previose domains or units); secondly - the made extenitions are in inactive status (I did not find where can I switch on the status); the third one - if I in a domain, that is not obveuse which domain I am serving right now; I have to "Switch to Admin" and after that I see the domains. Probably, that is a quethion of habit only. Where can I get some manual how to cope with all these items? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello guys, I have already activated Snom ONE v.5.1. Now I am going to test multitennant mode. I generated the trial License for 5 domains for this purpose. Would you tell me, is it the same method to activate the licence? I have to go to "Settings -> License" and put the number to the line? Thank you. oh, Sorry, I have already found ho to do this.
  3. The reason why I am asking is that I had a lot of hackers calls, the souroce of which were easy to recognise and block. Also, you made a pretty sweet logging, which allows to save the system log file somwhere at the file system. Is it possible to make the same feature for call logs? Thank you.
  4. Oh, thank you for the answer. But, you know, IE10 has much more issues than IE9; and does not show some pbx snom web pages as well. I am using another browser. Thank you.
  5. The Internet Explorer 9 (IE) does not show some WEB pages of snomONE v.5.1.0 (i.e. "Current Domains"; "Call Log"; "IP Access Control" and etc.) Please advise where should I kick the IE to show correctly everything. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I upgraded the version recently. It looks pretty well. Please advise, how to setup logs for inbound/outbound calls IP recognizing (in "Call Log" menu). It was possible to add IP in v.5.0.10 with pop-up, but, I can't find here.
  7. Hi all I have 5.0.10a (CentOS64); I use the same ITSP, which provides two differend DID. One DID I setup for Auto Attendant, onether one is for specific extention for my boss. I setup two trunks as SIP Gateway for different DID: one of them is routed to Auto Attendant account (Defa account); another one is routed to the boss extention. The first trunk (with the first DID) is working well with Auto Attendant extention. However, when I enable the second trunk, the first one stops working and all the inbound calls are forwarded to the second extention. Please explain me what is wrong and where can I learn how to setup two different DID (from the same ITSP),which have to be routed to different extentions. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I have SnomONE installed Version: 5.0.8 (CentOS64) and Cisco SPA112 for phone/fax. However, I cannot hear anybody when I give a call; but, people can hear me. If people call me, we can hear to each other without any issue. Please explain me how to fix this issue. Where I have to search the problem? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for letting know, snom ONE.
  10. Hello, I receive call redirection from my PBX (SnomONE 5.0.6 (CentOS64)) with its number (not with an original phone number). Can I receive a redirection with original phone number from a caller? Thank you.
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