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  1. Hello Everyone, I checked the pbxnsip Knowledgebase Categories for tutorial for integrating pbxnsip with Exchange server but there are no luck if someone can provide me any guidence for it will be of great help. Thanks, Gautam.
  2. Thanks Matt, we are palnning to use pbxnsip in our organisation with Exchange server 2007 but before we go and invest we need to test it in our lab so I am in serch of an evaluation copy which is fully functional with Exchange server 2007 integration. Regards, Gautam.
  3. Is the product fully functional for a trial period to test in the lab ? Gautam.
  4. Hello Eveyone, Is pbxnsip trial version fully functional with Microsoft Exchange server 2007 for testing (UM) Unified Communications ? Thanks for your help and suggestions, Gautam.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am a Microsoft Exchange server and Office Communications server administrator but new to pbxnsip software, I wish if you could guide me by any document or link or blog that discribes how to integrate pbxnsip to enable Exchange server 2007 for Unified communications. Thank you for your effort and sharing. Regards, Gautam.
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