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  1. One of our Clarity customers is having an issue with the Agent Group. In their call center, they have agents who do not answer the phone when a call rings to them. They currently monitor the Agent Group Agents tab and the Calls tab. Is there any way to show on the Calls tab to whom a call is ringing and/or how long it has been ringing? I can't seem to find any option to enable this? Thank You!
  2. Thank you for the reply! When I tried adding a 1 into the country code, both inbound and outbound calls failed. I ended up solving the problem by changing the Rewrite global numbers in the trunk from "check domain country code" to "e.164 without leading +" I'm sure NANPA 11 digit would have worked as well, though?
  3. Quick question.. We receive incoming caller ID from Verizon in the format +1NPXNXXXXXX. There isn't an issue displaying this number format on the phone, however when an EU goes to call this number back, they receive a number not found warning. This occurs on both Polycom IP series phones and on numerous SIP softphones that we have. I've tried creating a dialplan to remove this + sign from numbers, but I can't seem to get anything to work. We have our customers on a 3.4 box and have a 4.0 testing box. I can't get the dialplan to work in either.. The testing box in 4.0 says no dial plan match found for anything I try. I've tried +* replace with + and +1xxxxxxxxxx replace with 1xxxxxxxxxx. Any ideas?
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