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  1. Unfortunately the Raspberry Pi is the very opposite of a well engineered solution. It does not have POE, its CPU and system architecture are pretty crappy and the network interface which is internally connected via USB is a joke. I'm a little shocked though that selling the Snom One Mini at a price which surely must be at least 3x what it costs to make (the internals are pretty similiar to any phone, and thanks to the likes of iSupply we know what that costs to manufacture phones) is not enough to supply it with the latest software. I guess when I have to embark on a tinkering project anyway I can also go for a Free PBX then... maybe there's even something called FreePBX
  2. This is exactly what is so absurd. The entire PBX system including hardware and the 20 user license costs 599$. JUST the Software alone in the cheaper "Standard" Edition without ANY hardware at all costs 849$ for 20 Users. So you really think spending 424,50$ to upgrade a 599$ devices is a good deal if what you is basically fax2email? Thats like paying 30.000$ for a new Navigation-Street-Map DVD just because your car cost 50.000$. But I guess fax2email ist such an extraordinary special feature that this justifies the price. Oh wait, no this is an absolute standard feature that just about every system has... Thanks for clearing that up. Basically that means the "free" edition is unusable in any Office that has 3 or more people. The system I was looking to buy was for an office with 4 people so the free version would not have been enough. Unfortunately, 599$ + 849$/2 = 1023,50$ is a little bit too steep a price for have a nice asterisk GUI in a 3-4 person office. Sad! Your loss though. Lots of other more affordable systems availabe, I just would have loved the ARM based Snom MINI because it looks like an extraordinarily well engineered piece of hardware.
  3. I have to assume the silence means the the Snom One Mini is EOL and no longer supported?
  4. According to the Snom One Mini Datasheet it will support 20 Extentions. If I buy a Snom One Mini today, will it therefore come with the "twenty" license that alone costs 849$ ? At that price, buying a new Snom One Mini every time a new version comes out seems to be cheaper than upgrading! Your whole pricing/licensing model really is strange and completely unexplained... How often will there be new major versions that have to be paid for? Every 6 months? Every 12 months? Every 3 years ? And what does "Concurrent Calls" on the Versions Page actually mean? Outgoing calls? All call? Does this mean that if I'm using the free version with 4 Extensions and 2 people are having a "normal" call, then the remaining 2 people cannot even call each other? I'm really interested in the Snom One Mini because I like its hardware design and the fact that it can be powered by POE. But your licensing information is scary. Assuming you're relasing a new version every year, that would mean for a small 4-Extension Office costs of $349 every single year just to stay current! Don't you think this is a little bit too much of a rip-off?
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