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  1. Does the one I'm thinking of have a different feature name? Also, do you have any rough estimates? I'm just curious if my current subscription will be around long enough to be able to get the next major releases that would include these features.
  2. Is the feature that I described called remote forking? Do you have any estimates as to when this feature might be available? Thanks for your help so far.
  3. Is remote forking available yet? I was under the impression that remote forking would allow me to receive a call to my cell phone and transfer to another extension from my cell phone. Is this correct? Can someone help me to understand? Thanks!
  4. I've had recent issues with people trying to dial my extension or enter a conference room using cell phones. Both instances were with separate android phones. Do you know of any such known issues? Or is there a setting that needs to be modified in the android phone on how they send tones to the PBX? Thanks for any assistance.
  5. It worked! Thanks so much for the info. Another question. I heard there was a feature coming that allows for a call to be transferred even if answered on a mobile phone. I think it's called "remote trunking". Is this feature available yet?
  6. Any way to call in using my cell phone (tied to my extension) and put my phone into DND mode or out of DND mode? This would be very helpful. Let me know, thanks!
  7. I think I'm all set for now. I just switched back to my local comcast connection. I think because the new connection has a static IP address it's causing issues. Thanks for the response!
  8. I had my phone working on my local (private internet connection). Now, I just moved the phone to my business class connection that hosts our PBXnSIP device. I rebooted the phone, and now I can't seem to get the phone to register. Can anyone help?
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