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  1. The star codes work only if the agents are in the "jump in and out " group. An extension setup as an Agent in the first field needs to be again in the "jump in and out" field so that he can log in and out???? Why the duplication? Also, if I enter * in the "jump in and out" field then any body can log in and log out....then why do I have to enter Agent Extension in the Main field???? I may be a newbie with reference to the PBXnSIP system but trust me, I aint no rookie when it comes to Business Telephone Systems ! > And Matt you are right about the bug in 4.0. The Agent Login Button stays lit up, no matter what the star codes do. I am told it will be fixed asap. :-(
  2. Thats great. Thanks once again.
  3. I salute you O Matt !! You are absolutely right. It wouldnt hurt if PBXnSIP made this official in their manuals :-) the voicemail chart on Pg59 of User Guide, Issue 1.B, has no mention of Option 9. Strange. Thank you.
  4. That doesn't make sense. I am checking this system out and it has all and more than other earlier versions. Why would it not have Agent Login/ Log out. The call queuing works fine. :-( Mr. PBXnSIP...anything you have to add to this??....
  5. Cannot login or log out agents. I have used the LOGIN/LOGOUT button and the star codes *64 or *65 I also tried entering the Agent Group Number after the star code. All I get is this message : "This feaure is not available at this time" I also tried the MENU button on the phone and select Agent Login/Logout All in vain.....the login button stays lit up on the SNOM phone. And stays lit up, no matter what I do. UNLESS I TAKE THE EXTENSION OFF THE AGENT GROUP AND RESTART THE PHONE. Hardware details : SNOM320 Phone PBXNSIP TS12100 Appliance with Ver 4 The ACD and call queuing works great though. But the Agents wants to go for a short break....real bad.....:-) Help. ( I know I may be missing something really stupid here, but this new version doesnt even have LOGIN options in the Extension Menu anymore !! )
  6. When calling the system mail box to retrieve msgs, how do you "skip" a msgs that you know is there but don't want to listen to? I don't want to have to listen to ALL messages not deleted in the mailbox each time I check it. I do understand that I can press 3 to fast forward or 7 to delete. I need to know if there is an option to SKIP and go to the next message.
  7. Each Channel on the Sangoma Card needs to be handled differently and I don't see any settings in TRUNKS to be able to address individual channels on the Sangoma for inbound. Any help?
  8. Hi, I have 2 Analog trunks going into the Sangoma 4 port PSTN Gateway. By default one trunk group was created and calls on both trunks are getting answered and re-directing to the Extn. setup on that trunk. How do I separate the 2 PSTN lines so that they are treated as as individual lines and can be setup to go to different exentions? Testing on PBXnSIP Ver 4 using the TS12100 Appliance. Any help?
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