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  1. any way we can have this option on the polycom phone ?
  2. using polycom ip650 phone and i have setup on the pbx/ext to Include local extensions in the phone address book: and i have reboot the phone and select directories and it shows the only the one that i have manually added and not the domain ext address book, using version (Win32)
  3. any update if m-ata works well ?
  4. this would be a very nice option to add to the PBX, can you add it to the next version ?
  5. Hello, I was messing around with my polycom sip.cfg file and noticed a tag that enabled a button on the phone called "Park". "feature.10.name="call-park" feature.10.enabled="1"" This button doesn’t do anything to the call while I am on it, but can it be programmed to send the appropriate commands to enable an easy call parking button? There are also other features like call pickup. Can these be used at all with the pbx ? i have seen some PBX that have plug and play with call park a BLF with the polycom, was wondering if anyone got it to work with pbxnsip,
  6. any good idea how to set up to auto delete recording that are above 30 days old? the issue is that we turn on call recording and the memory got full, and since memory was full it delete some ext etc, so was wondering if anyone haves any idea to get the files above 30 or 60 days to setup to delete auto thanks
  7. Thanks this worked well, any way to included on the email the DID the client called and as well the hold time ?
  8. under agent group there is a setting that This page will let you configure if you want an email to be sent to the connected agent. and when i set up for yes i do get an email but with no info in the email subject you picked up the call from From: : To: : CMC: : Name: : please advice how i can get the full call detail and what agent group the call came from
  9. i guess if PBX can seat on multi core it would make it much better,
  10. polycom2080

    SIP Gateway

    Press 1 for English and 2 for ...
  11. try the folloing after answering the call press transfer/blind /ext xxx
  12. PBXNSIP do you have any plans of changing it so the PBX can seat on multiple cores ? so it can do above 80 calls ?
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