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  1. Thank you. Looking at this link does agree, however, unless I do certain types of Transcoding. Is there a way to avoid those situations? When calls stay inside the PBX (user to user) I like to have G.722, for the outside world it is fine for the PBX to choose whatever codec it thinks it needs. Most calls will come into the PBX from people on PSTN devices.
  2. I need to build two 2U rack mount Linux boxes. One will have Snom ONE PBX installed and the other box will have some router/firewall package (IPCop, ClearOS, etc.) installed. Prefer the same hardware for both to keep things simple. Usage: The PBX will have at most 50 simultaneous calls using G.722 and G.711u codec. The router will have at most 50 PC's doing simple web browsing. Naturally calls and surfing will overlap at times. The router will perform QoS/Shaping for the VoIP connections. Gigabit everywhere. I would appreciate your opinion on the hardware I've chosen. Is the CPU powerful enough? Overkill is fine. Hardware $500 budget per box: Case - iStarUSA $80 MB - ASRock H77M $80 CPU - Intel G2020 $70 RAM - Crucial 4GB $50 PSU - Corsair CX430 $50 SSD - Crucial M4 64GB $70 NIC - Intel PRO/1000 $30
  3. Awesome, now please make an iPhone app as well. I always have my cell phone on me, and walking through our office I could decide if I wanted to call out over that. I know... kids are never satisfied!
  4. Update! Phone call to support helped me. The default user/pass for an auto provisioned phone is "admin/password". Please I recommend you disable auto provisioning on new installs. I just plugged in a Snom 370 and the phone was totally taken over by PBXnSIP, it rebooted, updated the firmware and changed the password. This is was very alarming for a new user/noobie such as myself. Thank you for the help.
  5. I need help, this is an emergency, I am testing your software, which has automatically taken over my phone. I can't log into the local web server of a Snom 370 and I need to go out of town with this phone today. Please advise me how to log into the local webserver of a Snom 370 that was auto provisioned by PBXnSIP ver Please also considering disabling this by default.
  6. Testing PBXnSIP ver and my snom 370 auto updated, rebooted, and password all controlled by PBXnSIP. Please don't make this the default. What is the local username and password for the phone now?
  7. IE 8 from a Windows 7 x64 machine. PBXnSIP is running on Windows XP x64 and listening on port 81 (something else is running on 80). In fact it does it just about every time on initial login in which the http://server:81/dom_index.htm page is rendered.
  8. Something else is also up with it not showing all the images upon logging in, little red X's here and there.
  9. There is a specification in the hardware that must support Wideband, HD, or TIA-920-B. All three terms mean the same thing which I believe means FM radio quality. Via software the phone must support the G.722 codec and so must your VoIP provider, but the call for the entire route must use G.722 or quality is compromised. If your familiar with Snom, their older 3xx series can be upgraded very easily with this, the new phones are already enabled for Wideband: http://www.snom.com/en/products/accessorie...rvoice-handset/ For Polycom look for "HD" support in the phones description.
  10. Okay cool, don't worry about posting, I might buy the book someday. Still testing around with various ip pbx software offerings.
  11. Has this ever been addressed? I have a 370 on order and look forward to turning the analog clock off.
  12. Oops, something else was listening on port 80. Maybe PBXnSIP could write to the log this error. That would have clued me in. Working fine now.
  13. On Windows XP x64 starting the service terminates instantly.
  14. FutureQuest.net or Pair.com
  15. Testing (Win32) today. We used: * 1 VoIP trunk * 1 Auto Attendant * 2 service flags (during and after hours) * 1 Hunt Group (extension 1000 and 555-5555) * 1 extension (1000) Everything on our list worked with the following exceptions: * There was no music on hold, only ringing * An agent group was not tested as suggested. Is this not priced higher than the PRO version and not on the sipJack? * The final stage of the Hunt Group, extension 1000, played a prompt before our customized greeting. Does not seem to be an option to only play our sound file only. BUGS: * We were able to get pbxctrl.exe to enter an endless loop based on attempting to use our current browser session after a restart of the service. That machines IP address now can never connect as pbxctrl.exe will enter an endless loop. * Other instabilities with this version made it so we could not properly test various handling of calls, often times a busy signal was generated for the caller. A restart of the services corrects this until it happens again. The bugs may be the result of testing inside Virtual PC 2007 using Windows XP SP3.
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