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  1. Issues with current FW's: After issues with 7.1.17 than much more with 7.1.19 I was really glade they put out the 7.1.24. It solved most of the major issues which were occurring. But still not enough. For example when u use extra 42 button expansion module for snom360 with FW 7.1.24. U receive a call, pick it up, than receive a another one on second line, nothing special no? But after you pick up the 2nd call while 1st one on hold you cant do anything. All buttons stop working transfer, hold, etc. Thought I found solution when 7.2.3 came out but unlucky it's still causing same issue.But till now this is the best FW which solved most of the issues which I had with Snoms. Worst FW was 7.1.6 almost didn't worked at all, you just got shiny new phone (7.1.17 - 7.1.19 too many bugs) http://fox.snom.com/download/snom300-7.2.3-SIP-f.bin Also I've got one big problem. how to get phone book working trough mass deploy on 7FW. Im still using .htm files. I know how to deploy address book on FW6 but with FW7 it changed. Not working with tn_0&: tu_0&: etc. Can anybody help me with this. Our costumers are getting really angry because their address books arent getting updated automatically on 7FW. On wiki isnt almost anything regarding to 7FW. If I'm wrong pls paste here link. BTW: to snom. Guys how could you put out new phones with 7FW when it has got so many bugs? We received our first new Snom delivery something like 1.5moth ago with 7.1.6 and this one wasnt even compatible with asterisk. No documentation at all (now it's better). For next time hope you'll take more care before releasing new FW. Cheers guys
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