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  1. We upgraded from 5.04 to 5.06 and following that our Polycom phones (IP430 and IP450) won't finish the boot/registration process. Of course this is the one time we didn't make a backup of the SnomOne directory. The system is running on CentOS64 5.0.6. Now post upgrade the Polycom IP430/450's stop after reaching the "processing configuration" boot step and pop a "config error 0x0" or "config error 0x20". In reading the release notes for 5.0.6 I see that phone provisioning was one of the areas modified. I did also note that the files being created in the /SnomOne/generated/xxx extension folder are different. One item of note was that the new "provisioning.cfg" file is generated empty, not sure if that is correct. So here are my questions - 1. Has anyone else seen this issue with SnomOne version 5.0.6 and Polycom phones, and if so were you able to resolve it? 2. Is there a way to downgrade and/or revert to version 5.04 if a backup of the working directory wasn't made prior to upgrading? Thanks in advance for your help!
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