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  1. I have a 10-user pbxnsip licence and I bought me a 3 jear upgrade licence at the same time. My upgrade is still active now in 2013, but my licence key will not work, from what I see here : what is snom doing with that ?
  2. Since I have updated pbxnsip to snomone (geminids) my phone action-keys are not working anymore. Reason {http-url} is replaced in the phone with the pbx network adress including /prov ! Example : url {http-url}/telbook.xml?auth=basic = ON THE PHONE. Why is this, because the xml is not found anymore that way. Best Regards, Marc
  3. Since updating the firmware of our snom-320 phones to, we notice that after a call transfer, the name/number on the display is not the one from the calling party, but the one of the receiving phone itself. We are using pbxnsip (the latest version that was available) and with the 8.3.35 firmware of the snom-320, things were ok. Can we correct this by changing something on the pbx site, the snom-320 site ? Or do we have to revert to the previous firmware ? Or upgrade pbxnsip to snomone ? Best Regards ! Marc
  4. Is it possible to put the state of more than one service flag to .F. in one move using an xml-file, called from a menu through the minibrowser. I have a set of 5 different service flags to trigger ivr's, but only one should be active (.T.) at a given time. I can change them one by one on a on/off basis using a menu and the minibrowser, but then I have no clue in what state the other service flags are. Best Regards, Marc
  5. This is Sip-trace of a successful call to the provider using pbxnsip: [5] 2012/02/27 22:32:55: Dialplan "Algemeen Kiesplan": Match 0495123456@pbx.praktijk.be to <sip:0495123456@ssw0.brussels.weepee.org;user=phone> on trunk WeePee [5] 2012/02/27 22:33:06: INVITE Response 487 Request Terminated: Terminate 7b7c5aa6@pbx [5] 2012/02/27 22:34:56: INVITE Response 487 Request Terminated: Terminate c76e272a@pbx Detailed log-file as attachement. Best Regards, Marc logfile pbxnsip.txt
  6. Many thanks for the example file. Is there a reference in the wiki to the syntax and references, used in this file ? Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no description of this in the Minibrowser Wiki pages. Best Regards, Marc.
  7. I can't trace the file menu.xml. So I put a file hello.xml in the html directory of my pbxnsip program tree. Action key on the phone : No hello however ? Where did I go wrong ?
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by 'similar'. What I did was : clear the log-file, make a call, fetch the log file and send it over. I am using Pbxnsip Version (Win32). I just stopped the pbx and put the snomone pbxctrl.exe file in place of the other.
  9. No luck. I have been using 'Custom Headers', have been playing with the settings, but does not solve the problem. I hope the support people of snom can shead some light : I was using 'Remote-party-id' in the setting on pbxnsip. I have attached a logfile with a call, using custom headers here. But to me changing these settings is a stab in the dark, I have a rather limited Sip knowledge. Best regards, Marc. logfile snomone 3.txt
  10. Would like to get some advice : updated latest pbxnsip to snomone beta corona 2011-, using snom green (updated) licence key. Snom 320 phones updated to latest version (8-4-35). From now on impossible to make outbound calls using the voip weepee standard nor backup trunk. Any attempt ends with 'service unavailable'. I have added a trace from the log file. Trace 1 is with co-lines, trace 2 is with co-line removed. It does not work either way. Outbound dialing using a patton gateway works like always. I hope someone can give me a clue to solve the problem. Rolling back to the latest pbxnsip version makes all problems go away. Best Regards, Marc logfile snomone 1.txt logfile snomone 2.txt
  11. Works like a charm ! Thanks.
  12. I would like to have some information about the use of actions keys. I was looking for the file menu.xml to see - where it is located - how to proceed to make it work for us. What I would like to do is make something like the snom-menu action key. End-user should be able to choose between 7 service flags : one of them should be activated, the rest deactivated at the same time. I don't know if this is possible at all using an action key. The service flags are in a HG and caller is referred to an IVR according to the settings of the flags. Right now we are editing the HG from the pbxnsip interface, but that is not a user-friendly method. Hope someone comes in with a solution. Best regards, Marc
  13. I would like to have the 'from based routing' setup so that incoming calls from number 01234567 are passing the ivr towards a hunt group, in casu 90. 1. !22!90! redirects calls coming from extension 22 to hunt group 90. 2. !01234567!90! just plays the IVR. Can anyone tell me how I can debug this problem, looks in the log the incoming number is registered as 01234567 ... Best Regards, Marc
  14. Happy

    Snom 720

    Snom One Version, as there is no Pbxnsip update available (Yet?) ... But we'll give it a try. You know anything about the type of usb-requirements for bluetooth ? Regards, Marc
  15. Happy

    Snom 720

    I would like an answer to the following questions : 1. Pbxnsip Version (Win32) supports automatic provisioning of Snom 720 phones ? 2. Is the Snom 720 usb -a type connector working with a standard bluetooth dongle, or are there restrictions ? Best Regards, Marc
  16. I found most info in the snomone manual. Still one question : Where can I find the xml-syntax for 'speed dial button' ? I hoped that I could change the config of one phone and then look in its xml file under settings. BUT the Settings tab in the snom phone web interface is not there, probably because I'm not logged in in the admin mode. I'm providing the admin name and password, but that seems not enough to get admin mode ?? Marc
  17. In this case I mean changing it to a 'speed dial button'. So if I understand this correctly, I'll have to look for the proper xml-file in the pbxnsip directory, where I can change these keys. Afterwards all snom320 phones will have this key mapped the same way. That is exactly what I wanted to do, great ! Thanks, Marc
  18. I would like to know if it is at all possible to autoprivion the standard snom keys. I would like to give other destination to snom 320 snom and help keys. Is there a way to do it ? Marc
  19. I'm fighting hard to find a way to have the SnomOne ipbx send specific files to a snom370 phone via autoprovisionning (via multicast PnP). ---- Why not change the configuration on the level of the extension in snomone itself. That is possible for all phones in the system ? Marc
  20. You are right : it is not really a bug. Just a lack of flexibility Nice to see the issue will be dealed with in a next firmware release.
  21. If it is a phone bug, it is in all the phones : we have 6 snom 320 phones and the all behave the same. I suppose that I would not be the only one complaining ... Marc
  22. There seems to be one problem with the ACD : we have 6 phones in different places and 2 persons to pick them up, but they can be at any phone when a call comes in. So phones ringing one after the other are definitely NOT the way to go. Is the following scenario possible : use a HG in the agent extension list and log the HG in automatically (field 'Administratively login these agents') ? Marc
  23. Pbxnsip (latest version) with Snom 320 phones (firmware 8.4.18). HG sends call to several extensions, one picks up the line. Other extensions all show the incoming call in the 'missed calls' listing ! To me, these are not missed calls, so list is somewhat useless. Hope someone has me an answer ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what shows in the sip trace log of a snom 320 phone, where the call is recorded as missed : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Received from tls: at 7/9/2011 11:48:01:199 (401 bytes): CANCEL sip:12@;transport=tls;line=k3azpaae SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK-b74cb9969f17298dba519f36657880d4;rport From: "Bureel" <sip:0123456789@pbx.praktijk.be:5060;user=phone>;tag=56269 To: <sip:92@pbx.praktijk.be> Call-ID: 56d6b7ca@pbx CSeq: 15711 CANCEL Max-Forwards: 70 Reason: SIP;cause=200;text="Call completed elsewhere" Content-Length: 0
  24. I read the admin manual and indeed Automatic Call Distribution seems to be the better way to go. I'll give it a try ! Marc
  25. Our problem is this : - we would like to get a call put on hold by pbxnsip, if the operator is busy on the phone. It is frustrating to pick up the next line, tell them to be patient and then put them on hold, then going back to the first caller. - but there should be a possibility to be warned IF the operator forgets the second pending call afterwards. Wireless phones for example don't have BLF to warn you. Maybe there is a solution or workaround to get this done, but I don't find it in the (wealth of) tools pbxnsip is offering. Best Regards, Marc.
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