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    Old guy looking for a new caree path. Love playing with ip pbx's and ip phones so thinking this might be a good direction.<br /><br />Alway's used windows products so don't want to get real involved with the linux pbx's.<br /><br />Live in the Vegas area so won't say much because (You Know)<br /><br />If your coming this way let me know and I'll see if I can get you some comp show tickets.

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  1. I'm a newbie and was looking around for a soft phone to test the SnomOne product. Started with xlite and all went well. Found this link http://www.msitgroup.co.uk/support/index.p...d=3&nav=0,1 and downloaded the Snom 360 soft phone. Not sure if I know what I'm talking about here but I think after install it picked up provisioning?? from the snom website just as if you were to plug in the standard 360 hardware? All I know is that I think this is pretty cool as I think it allows me to see how I would configure the hardware should I decide that this is the model I would want to use. I have been able to get into the web interface and set up speed dials, etc, etc. Just a FYI in case anyone is interested.
  2. Looks like you were in the right area. I did have country code set to 1 but I showed area code as 702 (since my actual number is in the 702 area code) I changed the area code to 402 and it seems to work now.
  3. I have a line at Vitelity that starts with area code 702 which is in Nevada I am attempting to set up a dial plan for an Omaha office where area code is 402 I tried setting up a seven digit sequence that will add (in the replacement section) 1402* to any number dialed from my xlilte soft-phone. I have also set up a 10 digit sequence that adds 1*(in the replacement section) to any number dialed in this sequence. In the test section this appears to work properly. If I type 5050001 it shows sip:14025050001@localhost;user=phone The problem is that the call goes to 17025050001 If I dial 4025050001 it connects the call properly. Both are in dial plan as pref 101 for the seven digit plan and 102 as the 10 digit plan. Any help to correct this would be appreciated.
  4. I just spoke to Paul about this yesterday. thanks for your reply.
  5. This is my present dial plan on my asterisk's box 1NXXNXXXXXX 1+NXXNXXXXXX 1402+NXXXXX I apparently do not understand how to add a dial plan in pbxnsip If I try to delete the 100 in the first field and use any one of these as a pattern it does not take. What I want to accomplish is the user being transparent to the switch over when we make it. They pick up the phone, dial the number, and get connected. If they dial a 7 digit number it is knows the area code. If they dial 1+10 digit number it is a ld call. They do call Canada on occasion but International is not allowed. Thanks in advance.
  6. For many reasons this is what I am starting out with to lean pbxnsip. I have a dual xeon 2.8 6GB memory raid 0 with 250 GB drives (can't get the raid to work properly but don't care at this point) Installed a 180 day eval of Windows 2003 server Enterprise edition. I am doing this out of my small home office which does have a static ip. I am using a Linksys WRT54G router that is the DHCP server. I presently use a hosted trixbox application that needs to keep running so that my present office VOIP is not interrupted while testing. Once I have everything set up, and have decided that I want to switch to pbxnsip, I would get a copy of the 2003 server software, rebuild the box, purchase and install the proper pbxnsip version on the box, and put it in a data center with it's own ip. Does anyone see problems with getting the pbxnsip server set up to co-esist with my present service or the migration path I am considering? Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
  7. This is a great help. Thank you. I will work with then as I get closer to getting my box set up. Being new I will be posting some questions about my test enviorment which might, or might not, be tricky. I'm sure you will probably see it later today. Again thanks for all the help you have graiously extended to me.
  8. Moshie, I would appreciate the Vitelity config. Thanks for your response. Chuck
  9. I am a novice and hoping to learn enough about pbxnsip to possiably become a reseller. I thought the best way would be by setting up the demo to test my ability to understand the application. My experience is that I rent a virtually hosted trixbox application from one company and then get my did's from another company called Vitelity. I contacted Vitelity and asked them if I could use pbxnsip with their service which they said I probablly could, but they do not have a config for this pbx. Looking thru the fourm the only USA provider I see is nexsip. I have contacted them but have not had a response to my request. Are there any other sip providers that support pbxnsip, that are reasonable, and have configs for this application? If I have posted in the wrong area please forgive my lack of knowledge. I look forward to being "schooled" and being a good citizen in this forum.
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