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  1. I have found several threads about having a pause added so that a call can be made and then a DTMF tone played when answered. I was wondering is this has been accomplished. I have a new customer that had this ability on there old phone system. I have been able to get this to work with the Snom D725 by manually configuring a button for this, but would like to be able to have this in the PBX address book.
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    Snom 715

    I have just started testing firmware 5.2.3. I do not see any of the files for the 715 in the Customize>Templates. I have been able to see the 715 in pnp.xml but I am unable to follow it any further. Are these files looked at tin the same way that the rest of the Snom phones are or are they using the 710 files(except for the firmware)? How are we to modify any of the setting, per customer(on site NTP server, protocol used for SIP messaging)? Any ideas would be helpful.
  3. I am trying to set up a Audiocodes MP-108 FXO gateway and followed the instructions in http://wiki.snom.com/Snom_one_mini/Gateways/Audiocodes with changing the information for my trunk. dialed an inbound call to the gateway and saw no traffic go to the PBX. any suggestion or walk through for configuration.
  4. I am setting up the MP-108 FXO and having issue. Is there any documentation to help with this setup?
  5. I currently have a snomONE PBX running 5.1.0b with Debian and I am having issues with the intercom feature, but only when the extension has multiple phone connected to it. Example 1 Extension 111 has two phones connected. From Extension 108 I dial *90111. Now all phones start ringing. Example 2 Extension 106 has 1 phone connected. From Extension 108 I dial *90106. Extension 106 beeps and the speaker turns on for the intercom. I need to know if we can have the intercom feature work in example 1 like it does in example 2. The only difference would be to turn on the speaker for all phones connected to extension 111 in Example 1.
  6. I have contacted Snom about making the change on the phone. I want to have the MWI flash when the phone rings and when there is a message. The instruction I have been given are below. I applied the XML to the snomONE server and rebooted the phone, NO change. I then applied the http web command, still no change. Please help. Thank you for contacting snom. The LED behavior setting in the snom 320 shows the following: led_message_usage!: PhoneHasCallInStateRinging PhoneHasMonitoringLineKeyInStateRinging CurrentIdentityHasVoiceMessages PhoneHasVoiceMessages PhoneHasMissedCalls To remove the amber LED on missed calls for the Message LED, please use the following syntax: led_message_usage!: PhoneHasCallInStateRinging PhoneHasMonitoringLineKeyInStateRinging CurrentIdentityHasVoiceMessages PhoneHasVoiceMessages or XML: <led_message_usage perm="">PhoneHasCallInStateRinging PhoneHasMonitoringLineKeyInStateRinging CurrentIdentityHasVoiceMessages PhoneHasVoiceMessages</led_message_usage> Or, HTTP Web Command: http://<PhoneIP>/dummy.htm?settings=save&led_message_usage=PhoneHasCallInStateRinging PhoneHasMonitoringLineKeyInStateRinging CurrentIdentityHasVoiceMessages PhoneHasVoiceMessages If you have questions about the snom ONE configurations specifically, please use the forum.snomone.com website to direct your questions to the snom ONE specialists. Thank you, The Snom Support Team - Support Agent -
  7. I am having the same issue. I have been able to narrow it down to be that the call has to be with a cell phone. I do not think that packet loss is an issue(MOS on cal is 4.7). We are using g.729 as our default codec and g.711 as the second choice. Can you suggest the .wav format to use to try and correct this.
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