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  1. Guys be careful what you post otherwise your posts will be removed, I am talking from experience. Don't discuss anything negative or discuss the alternative products available on the market. Only post positive Anything negative needs to be communicated by phone or email only.
  2. Reentering license code did not help.
  3. Tried to update a few blue systems, license check tool https://snomone.com/upgradev4 says ok to update, however after update system says no license, I rolled them back to 4.5.1090 and they are fine.
  4. 4 servers same error. A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the snomONE PBX service to connect. The snomONE PBX service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
  5. I have noticed that for the past several months on Windows 2008r2 machines, the SnomOne service does not auto start on bootup, probably related to some windows updates. If I manually start it starts up fines, although it does take about 30 seconds to start, longer than it used to.
  6. How about a PBXnSIP 4.0 customer that paid for 3 year upgrade protection Upgrade: 06 02 2013?
  7. sure, and did 2 reboots. I needed to roll back to 4.5.1090 to get in.
  8. I think there is something wrong with file, please reupload, service will not start with this file, I reverted to 1090
  9. User is not pressing #, if you have a # in the user input field it gives a 2 second delay so users can enter 201 without being transferred destination 2. see http://kiwi.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Auto_Attendant#Direct_Destinations
  10. 4.5.1090 call comes in to hunt group 289 289 rings extensions 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 15 seconds, final stage auto attendant 770. 770 user input 1 sales, destination hung group 290 290 rings extension 211 212, final destination 8212, call gets disconnected. if I manually touch tone 290 instead of pressing 1 at the attandant call successfully redirects to 212 voice mail.
  11. 4.5.1090, user input 2# direct dial destination 555-555-5555 call gets disconnected. if we remove the # sign the call goes through properly using the dial plan, we however need the # sign.
  12. Who exactly, I spent several hours on the phone moving from one person to the next at Snom sales no one seemed to know that this is not the same license as the Yellow, who created the data sheet? who created the other marketing material? who decided on what license file to create? We don't appreciate being pushed from department to department and from person to person. We have no direct contact to the Berlin office, we deal the US office, and that is who we call and they know less about this than I do.
  13. Agreed, very well priced, that is why we ordered it instead of a yellow and a standard PC. However if the licence is different it must state that in the data sheet and website. Once again bad communications. The distributor had no idea, We the reseller had no idea and many of the folks at Snom have no idea. We can not afford to lose money on jobs because of lack of knowledge and bad communications.
  14. I am posted this so that others out there don't need to go through what I just went through. I lost a customer and a lot of money. It seams Snom is currently copying Apple's Sales Model hiding specs of all there devices and trying to suprise everyone. Except Apple releases all the specs when the product is released Snom does not. I found out the hard way, that unlike the Snom One Free, yellow and Blue. The Snom One mini only allows 1 Hunt group and 1 auto attendant. The data sheet does not disclose this secret, I assumed it includes a standard Snom Yellow license. My customer is retuning the Snom One mini, 15 Snom phones, a door box, and all the time I wasted setting it up, you can imagine the loss I am taking. Here is the secret details of the Snom One mini license. 3pr: 20 acds: 1 adhocrec: true attendants: 1 barge: true callingcards: 1 cdr: true colines: 10 conferences: 1 domains: 1 extensions: 20 hoots: 1 hunts: 1 ivrnodes: 0 lowrate: 5 name: snom ONE mini rates: true recording: false salt: 15877 soap: false srvflags: 10 upgrade: 10 01 2014
  15. I doubt there is a handful of Partners that sell & support as many Snom One systems as us. I can not understand why you can't make it your business to visit your partners or at least call them, to discuss such drastic changes.
  16. It is a shame to see a company with such a solid product, be so unsettled, and do such a poor job in Parner & Reseller communications, sales & marketing.
  17. That is fine most of these type of users use custom greetings.
  18. Is there any way to cancel a recorded page paging in playback mode? Example store clerk started an an annoucement, he notices he misspoke, he wants to cancel the announcement and rerecord.
  19. It works he does not want 0 he wants 9 to ring his emergency cell and 0 to ring the operator.
  20. I have client that wants his VM greeting to say if this is an emergency press 9, the system should then transfer the call to his cell phone, is there any way? I was thinking about using the mailbox escape, however he does not want 0 to ring his cell.
  21. Any way to schedule an announcement to a paging group? I have a customer that want every day at 5;45pm an announcement the store will be closing in 15 minutes. At ^ pm they want an automated announcement the store is now closed, as well as some other scheduled announcements, can anyone think of a way to do this?
  22. I need PNP files for snom 710 please. Thank You.
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