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  1. Do anyone have final answer on this redundancy approach. Would appreciate if you can share. Thanks, NE
  2. We often get stuck with issues concerning registrations to our Pbx server with customers with difficult environment. 3cx has a SBC appliance/software they put on site to handle these situations and to ensure secure connection back to hosted PBX. Do we have anything like this for Vodia. We lost a client due to issues with their firewall/router specialized appliance used to daisy chain phone and computers. Wouldn't allow us access to this appliance or put phones IP's in DMZ. Registrations were dropping due to clients appliance. NE
  3. Is there any update to this... I have a customer wanting this integration?
  4. Seemed to figured it out. The auto attendant number to select extension was being sent out directly on trunk to FreePBX, but putting pound sign after the number on the auto attendant, this behavior stopped, i.e. isn't set out as DMTF input over trunk. Trunk was expecting a PIN number...so if waited for the initial entry period to expire (i.e. incomplete input), then second as for input - hence initial delay for external calls. NE
  5. On PCAP I See this: : Ignoring the SDP due to the trunk setting That does that mean?
  6. Here's the log from the calls the delay (up to 40 seconds) media. It is because if trying to find where to place call: In this case I'm call from a cell phone (4415362338) to the conference room number via 1 441 400 7000 and then extension 4000: [8] 11:13:26.917 TRUN: Trying to match number 14412362095 with ERE (.*) [8] 11:13:26.917 TRUN: Send call to extension ERE returned 14412362095 [8] 11:13:26.919 TRUN: Trying to match number 14412362095 with ERE (.*) [8] 11:13:26.919
  7. Note: in this case, the conference is tied first in FreePBX (where the IVR integration takes place because we don't know how to do integration to conference App in Vodia). So we're forwarding the calls to FreePBX? Should we then not be using and extension DID in Vodia, but a trunk with a DID reference. Currently, we set up the DID in the conference domain, to be forward to a number which is identified as Trunk A in a dial plan? Are suggesting we can skip this and send directly to trunk identified as conference DID? Also, we seem to have gotten Vodia to forward call into this confer
  8. So in Domain A, I can put the DID Alias; and it would reach the extension in the domain I'm using for connection to the PBX that has been given this alias? NE
  9. We're offering video conferencing to customers importantly with local dial in number capability. Is it possible to send a conference dial in number to the extension our of conference facility PBX domain from an extension in a customer domain or from their auto attendant (DID). We could place a DID on the our extension in the conference facility domain connected to the video conference facility, but I think we want the conference facility extension to dial out to avoid carrier concurrent call restrictions on DID. Any ideas on how we could approach this? Thanks, NE
  10. I've have a customer asking about Skype for Business and Vodia integration now that we don't have Lynx... Can anybody shed some light on what possible here and the approaches available? Wants to use it's local IPBX/numbers (non -MS calls) Thanks
  11. Gosh, I was hoping for a more meaningful response?
  12. We currently using Vodia PBX with our client's middle software that is voice automation + a bit of AI in the transportation business. For a current call, what API can we use to call an external number to dial and external number and connect this external to a current call to of an agent? The business scenario in this case is to connect a incoming call to the number (cell phone) of a transport driver, without any human intervention. The middleware developed will queue it's own database to determine the appropriate number to dial. However, with this information what Vodia commands (API)/c
  13. When is that to be released? I now understand the deadline is moved to May 6th...
  14. ? Clients are not going to buy that?
  15. This suppose to be in place by April 26, 2018. We have registered and transferred our account... Is there anything else we need to do? What about download parameter from snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS? Newbie and need to know before deadline. Thanks, NE
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