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  1. I've have a customer asking about Skype for Business and Vodia integration now that we don't have Lynx... Can anybody shed some light on what possible here and the approaches available? Wants to use it's local IPBX/numbers (non -MS calls) Thanks
  2. Gosh, I was hoping for a more meaningful response?
  3. We currently using Vodia PBX with our client's middle software that is voice automation + a bit of AI in the transportation business. For a current call, what API can we use to call an external number to dial and external number and connect this external to a current call to of an agent? The business scenario in this case is to connect a incoming call to the number (cell phone) of a transport driver, without any human intervention. The middleware developed will queue it's own database to determine the appropriate number to dial. However, with this information what Vodia commands (API)/code do we need use to achieve this and are there any examples of such code. Thanks, NE
  4. When is that to be released? I now understand the deadline is moved to May 6th...
  5. ? Clients are not going to buy that?
  6. This suppose to be in place by April 26, 2018. We have registered and transferred our account... Is there anything else we need to do? What about download parameter from snom RDS Service - Moving to SRAPS? Newbie and need to know before deadline. Thanks, NE
  7. Seems like there is NO combined BLF for monitor, pick up and speed dial. Client has SNOM 320's and only has 10 free buttons? In Future how can we get around this... We don't have any documentation on new buttons set up, so does this mean 30 buttons will be needed,, when previously on 10 were required to do three function for one extension (button)?
  8. No joy...but next upgrade seemed to resolve this issue. 60.0.2 :-)
  9. What version is this fix to be released on, or will you send out ringtones.xml code for up?
  10. OK, thank means this will impact other domains...So I'll need to establish a trunk just for that domain? Trunk is currently set to preferred Identity... NE
  11. We just moved to 60 and clients says calls redirected to cell phone show CID (which one would expect). They said previously it showed the extension call the cell phone and that's what they want to show? Is this now possible and, if so, what setting do we need to change to achieve this for a specific customer (in their own domain). Thanks, NE
  12. Cannot restart PBX easily with number of clients we have? What will restart pbx do? My sw build date says: Software-Version: 60.0.1 (CentOS64) Build Date: Mar 6 2018 08:31:12 Is there a difference? NE
  13. Voicemail-to-text will help us distinguish ourselves from other providers (something busy client would prefer). Does Vodia have any plans to assist users to achieve this aim? Specifically, something in product or a seamless integration to third-party solution. For example: Asterisk, Metswitch, Freeswitch,SipWise, etc all integrate with Mutare's giSTT email gateway (which has wav file to text). NE
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