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  1. Hi, I have installed pbxnsip server in my laptop, and my licence key supports call recording. if make ext 101 to ext 102 call is recording. when i made conference call that is not recording. Ex: in my sip server i have created conference account is 111, around 4 employee dialling conf account same time everybody can hear IVR then conf is good all 4 employee can do the conf. but that conf call what we made 4 people calls is not recording . Pl help me asap Rgs Ramesh
  2. Hi, I have installed CS410 device and i created around 15 extentions and i connected PSTN line also to FXO1, now i can able to make outgoing calls with no issue. using trunk. but for incoming calls i am not getting CLI i have specified to land on 45 extentions. now i am getting in the display ( 45 ext) anonymous@localhost. pl help me out Rgs Ramesh
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    CALL LOG : in pbx we can retrive the calllog like dialled/Missed/Received, but customer is not happy to take call log in pbx frequently. it should automatically go and store in a separate folder( should be in text/xml/word format) . so that whenever we equire we can retive calls logs. is this option is available without separate CDR tool. Rgs Ramesh
  4. SERVICE FLAG. I am having a customer his requirement is like in service flag he wants to activate time based greetings like like " Good morning welcome to ............" that is between 6.00am to 12 pm, then 12 pm to 4 pm good afternoon,then 4pm - 6 am good evening and " during holidays it plays todya we are on leave ". like time based messaging customer requires. pl let me how to set up and also send me the procedure step by step or screen shots. Waiting for your reply Rgs Ramesh Bangalre, INDIA
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