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  1. Hi there I am setting up a Calling Card on our Snom One server. I am wanting to call into the PBX server and activate a service flag in this case ext 543. I have never used this feature before and this is what I have done: - Set up a calling card ext 400. - Have set up a service DDI# pointing to the calling card ext. - Created a service flag 543. Set to manual. - Pointed the DDI# to the calling card ext. Called the DDI# and it asks for the ext#, then access code please enter the destination number terminated by the # key. When I put in the destination number and terminate it with the # key I get the following message. "We are sorry. But you are not allowed to make this call" I think I missed something but don't know what. Tried another test trunk and same results. Deleted calling card and then set it back up again with the same results. Works fine internally. When done externally. No go. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Snom One Ver: Version: (Win64) Thanks Kelly
  2. Hello I have just started using PBXnSIP product for our company and am learning how to use it for our customers. I have a setup where I have X2 ext and a live trunk. I have added these ext to a hunt group. First stage ext 207. Second stage 208, and final stage voicemail to 208. I have the main trunk pointing to the hunt group which is 544. When I add a redirection onto ext 207 to my cellphone and ring it it rings straight to 208 instead of the cellphone. When I point the trunk back to 207 it works OK. The setup in Redirection is: Call forward all calls to: (My Cellphone#) Under Cellphone I have the following: Cell phone number: (My Cellphone#) When calling the extension in a hunt group: Include cellphone in the group. Am I missing anything here? Or is there a work around for this at all? Look forward to a reply Thank you Kelly
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