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  1. Hi Vodia, We are having the same problem on Version: 5.2.2c (CentOS64) All our reports run at midnight. We have been told that the reports just dont work and it cant be fixed? Is that right? Thanks in advance. T
  2. We like the attendant console but are not sure if it has to use the SNOM M9 Soft Phone client? Or can it link to a SNOM 7XX, 8XX series phone like Lync?
  3. Hi Admin, Is this a true click to call from outlook solution? We have been using middleware that costs money such as camrivox. Will it give true click to call from contacts as we ll as within emails? Regards Downunder
  4. thank you for that. This looks like a great receptionist product Where is the download available?
  5. Hi all, Is the WAC or PAC currently available. UC is becoming more and more prevalent so it would be good to offer something on the SNOM products to do this. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks TOC
  6. Thank you. With the daily CDR can this be sent as a CSV though? I can only get it as a HTML email.
  7. Hi All, We use SNOM ONE HOSTED and are looking to see if there are any boltons or apps you are aware of that will give some more advanced reporting and analytic's on calls than native to the product. Thank you for your help Tiernan
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