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  1. Sorry I forgot this thread already. I was able to make it work when I saw this ATA configuration from Onesuite blog. Thanks for replying.
  2. Thanks for the link.
  3. What will happen if you use the X-lite for commercial use?
  4. I think VoIP quality is mainly on the quality of your internet connection and the voip provider itself. I've use different softphones and ata devices but quality is almost the same with the same voip provider and same internet connection.
  5. Hi guys, I've been a happy camper with Onesuite.com (phone card and voip service) but I want to try their voip using an ATA device. I had little knowledge on sip setup so maybe you can get me going by posting basic sip setup. Onesuite at the moment don't support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) but I think it is possible. I am basically looking on what to put on basic set ups. Sip server Sip ID Authentication ID Password Name Those are the things I can remember on top of my head, I know theres a lot more to properly set it up. Anyone?
  6. Let me add that they have live customer support 24/7 and just had a new referral bonus program. 5 percent of sign up amount and 1st recharge will be added both to the referral and the one who referred to onesuite. If anyone is interested just put this code A7B962710 so you and I will get the bonus.
  7. Onesuite.com is another calling card and voip provider at the same time that can be use around the globe including India. Rates are very competitive too and you can check your call history, top up your account, change information, etc online. They also have fax to email feature, you get a US number where people can send fax to you and forwarded to your email automatically for only $1 a month (unlimited fax).
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    I use EyeBeam and Xlite.
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