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  1. A release update is on its way. ETA end of next week we hear.
  2. DTMF playback issue can just be because of the tone scheme in use for 821. Some European schemes do not echo DTMF on dialing while GB and US do. Check your provisioning file. For the audio problem, one can't make a lot from the details. Just do one test on an 870 with the latest beta FW 8.4.22 to see if anything changes at all: http://wiki.snom.com/Firmware/V8/Beta
  3. If you can trace 'http_user' & 'http_pass' in the xml file, that'd be the one you should use for login. Factory reset will clear them and allow unrestricted access.
  4. It is an interesting idea. Have a look at http://wiki.snom.com/Category:Setting:snom870. You'll find links to the 15 icons/tiles/buttons e.g. dkey_touch_idle_regs etc that can be reconfigured like you'd any other programmable key on the phone. Customizing the look and feel i.e. images for icons can also be done (e.g. to change the dnd icon to be replaced by your pic). I guess you probably already know that. Though this can be done through provisioning and not via web interface. That's where pbx comes in handy One can provide an action url context and url that can remotely be sent from pbx to be saved on the phone (i.e. change action event in real time like your service flag idea). Admittedly, snom is not the best when it comes to documentation so this whole exercise is not very user friendly. On the other hand, it's intended for a fairly advanced use case I guess.
  5. BigBrother

    snom 870

    Hi reco, I think your info would be useful to track the bug down. Have you tried contacting snom directly with a trouble ticket? e.g. through http://www.snom.com/en/service/contact/con...orm-ec-support/
  6. BigBrother

    snom 870

    Hi reco: that's a bit strange. I've had the same problem but it works fine for me on 8.4.16. Can you give some detailed explanation of the scenario you've observed? Is it linked to a particular codec by any chance?
  7. There is a setting that does exactly that: http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/cw_dialtone
  8. I think snom missed a trick with buttons on virtual keys in the initial offering. You might wanna try latest beta 8.2.21 from: http://dms.snom.com/mydms/out/out.ViewFold...hp?folderid=417 I found this interesting in Release Notes for 8.2.21: GUI •Virtual key state now correctly colors keys defined as buttons (activity and pickup color) (snom820). (SCPP-804)
  9. I'm not an expert but I don't think it is white. A light shade of grey maybe. It seems to work with the design. Discoloration might be an issue but that will show us how good quality snom phones really are.... However, I for one would welcome more colors they offer.
  10. Turn on the setting 'cancel_desktop', found under 'Clear Desktop Message on Cancel' on Advanced/Behavior/Keys page of your phone's web interface. Afterwards, pressing cancel should clear the annoying message! Hope that helps....
  11. Line key numbers i.e. P1, P2 etc are not supported as action url arguments. However you might be able to get more information through $local, $remote, $active_url, $active_user, $active_host and $call-id. Specially call-id can be helpful to identify each unique call.
  12. Hi, The problem could be picking up the right transfer destination. snom recently cleaned up that list and from v7.1.33 onwards, explicit selection of transfer destination (old call or a new one) is more user friendly. I'd recommend upgrading to that version whenever you can get your hands on it. Cheers,
  13. New examples for multiple RE expressions added at http://wiki.snom.com/Features/Dial_Plan#Ex..._for_Dial_Plans. That explains a similar scenario.
  14. Just to comment on the above mentioned scenario, this behavior I think is configurable. Turn off the setting 'Transfer on Onhook' (yeah, yeah, I know: another one of those advanced snom settings). http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/transfer_on_hangup Regards, Adam Smith
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