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  1. My use of PBXnSIP relies on using 3rd party devices. If SNOM One does not support Cisco and other phones, I'd like to download the old PBXnSIP product. Is this possible?
  2. Thanks for the list of manufacturers. I assume that not all of these manufacturer's phones are compatible with PBXnSIP. I was hoping for more specific information such as model number for the video phones and the browser based phones. I don't need a comprehensive list. I need enough information to purchase evaluation phones (two of each type) for video functionality and browser functionality from different manufacturers. Selection based on "most compatible" would be the best criteria.
  3. I need a list of SIP phones that support video calls. I also need a list of SIP phones that have a web browser or XML browser capabilities. Input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I just looked that the PA1 and it looks like a good product. I assume that this product can be used to interface with an external amplfier and speaker strings is more power is required. Would you agree?
  5. How does one configure PBXnSIP to interface with an overhead paging system? Is an analog gateway required to connect to amplified speakers? Are there SIP enabled speakers/components (CyberData, Valcom, etc.) that are compatible with PBXnSIP?
  6. I want to configure a PBXnSIP solution using redundant computers. The purpose is to demonstrate redundancy where the backup computer will pickup call routing in the event that the primary computer fails. I am told that this configuration is supportable with PBXnSIP. I'm looking for recommendations/directions as to how to set up the computers.
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