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  1. Hello Jan Boguslawski, Thank you for your reply, it is taking me very near to the solution i m looking for, But can you tell me more about OCS Mediation Server, as i do not have any setup like this in my speech server 2007 installation? Regards Hiren Shah
  2. I am able to make outbound call to the extension i created in the pbxnsip but i m facing problem in making outbound calls to normal pstn numbers. Following is my setup Pbx n sip server on one machine Speech Server 07 with MS SQL 2005 DB and IIS 6 on the same Machine USB phones with Eyebeam installed Got a sip trunk from inphoenix for US call and configured in pbx with OK status. Following is working fine 1) Created extensions 10001, 10002. Able to configure them. They are working fine. 2) Added US SIP trunk and able to make call from extension to outside number following is the log entry for the same. [5] 2007/11/27 06:30:40: Identify trunk 5 [5] 2007/11/27 06:30:40: Dialplan: Match 9xxxxxx1225@ to <sip:xxxxxx1225@sip.inphonex.com;user=phone> on trunk yyyyyyy [5] 2007/11/27 06:30:40: INVITE Response: Terminate 87f04e2c@pbx 3) Added SIP as trusted sip connection in speech server. 4) Outbound call from speech server to this extension works fine. Following is the log entry for the same. 5] 2007/11/27 06:26:09: SIP port accept from [5] 2007/11/27 06:26:09: Identify trunk 5 [5] 2007/11/27 06:26:10: Trunk yyyyyyy sends call to 10001 a. is a MSS07 server 4) Outbound call to other phone is not working. Following is the log file. 5] 2007/11/27 06:27:22: Identify trunk 5 [5] 2007/11/27 06:27:22: Trunk 6781660 sends call to xxxxxx1225 [5] 2007/11/27 06:27:22: Trunk call: Could not identify user Any one please help me on how to configure this line so that i can make outbound call using speech server
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