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  1. You can provision it for the DND action urls settings. action_dnd_on_url!: action_dnd_off_url!:
  2. You can configure an action URL for turning the paging setting off on a function button. Eg. on the phone web page function keys, select a function key and set its type to Action URL from the drop down, then in its number field enter: and save it. When this key is pressed now, multicast will be turned off. You can choose another key to set it back on by the action url: and save it.
  3. sipnpbx

    snom 870 dtmf

    Would you give the version given below a try. It's for test only. If it works, we will add the solution to the next official release. http://downloads.snom.net/tmp/snom870-8.4-20100406-SIP-r.bin Thanks.
  4. sipnpbx

    snom 870 dtmf

    Are you using pbxnsip? I want to confirm that because we have tested it very well with pbxnsip and it works perfectly. I also dialled UPS (Germany) for the IVR system and it also worked. What phone version of snom870 are you using? Because recently in version 8.4.2 onwards we have increased the dtmf duration which could have been the problem. If you still have problems could you make some pcap traces on the phone as you use the dtmf in a call, save it and send it to us? It would also help if, for that trace, you turn off RTP encryption so we can see what you have pressed. You should also tell us what you have pressed in the call. Thanks.
  5. Were you able to capture that pcap trace?
  6. Could you please attach a pcap trace that would capture the packets. Make the call, start capturing, then mute the phone and after about 15 seconds stop capturing and attach the pcap trace. On mute no RTP packets go out but we do send keep alive packets every 5 seconds and we want to see if that still happens and are they being ignored by the PBX and is it broken (highly unlikely in all versions). Thanks.
  7. Can you please make a pcap trace and attach it. Please make a clean one which captures the SIP traffic and the RTP traffic. Its very strange because with call waiting off the phone simply declines the second call and the other side simply gets a busy tone or message, And that's what we see here. That's a pcap trace will be really helpful here.
  8. I just tested it and it worked perfectly for me. If its set to off then the pbx gives a busy message instead of doing call waiting (where you hear the knocking). First, are you changing the setting on the phone web page or are you sending it this setting through provisioning? If its the second case then please change it on the phone itself first and press save then test it again. Also are you talking about connected state OR when the phone is ringing and another call comes in.
  9. Its performance in noisy environmet may not be ideal. We are going to evaluate and tune the performance for the noisy environment soon.
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