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  1. Im noticing while im watching the logs i get this message several times ACD: User 216 not found Hunt group 012 wants to add 4 members is this an issue ? or only the one that says user 216 not found and how do i find what extension, hunt group, queue etc is trying to use that user? i am not clear how the XML files are tying together with other files etc
  2. I moved the CDR's I changed LDAP Port to 8389 I even changed the HTTP Port to 8080 / 8081 etc and no dice I reboot the box, the service is not started automatically I tried setting it to "Delayed Start" and nada If I try starting it manually it fails twice, the 3rd time it works
  3. I have the same issue and deleting the CDR Directory did not help has anyone else experienced this and found a solution ?
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