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  1. reco

    Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate support?

    any news on this? +1111111111
  2. reco

    SPAM detection with TrueCNAM

    stupid question, where would i configure this in vodia?
  3. reco

    Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate support?

    ++++111111 would be amazing
  4. reco

    Download snomONE virtual appliance

    +1 for a docker image
  5. yeah i know but there should be a better option no?
  6. when i logged into the phone it told me that it tried to provision over https and that this is something which could be a security issue. sorry my wording
  7. i successfully installed a domain certificate on our pbx. navigating to http://voice.domain.com shows a valid certificate for teh domain now all the phone though report: Provisioning Server Failed… i guess this has something todo with the certificate not installed on each phone. i was under the assumption if i the settings url is http and not https this should work http://voice.domain.com/provisioning/snom760.htm what is the recommended procedure? thanx
  8. reco

    let user select ring tones on snom 720

    ok i understand. is there a download link for the current built in 10 ringtones so i can send them to the client for him to choose? once he decided i will set them through pnp… thanx
  9. reco

    soap stopped working

    in can verify that soap works with pbxctrl-darwin9.0- and stops working with pbxctrl-darwin9.0- is there a way to fix this in a new 4.5 release? x
  10. how can the user select a ring tone of the 10 ringtones? since the phone is provisioned by the pbx the menu button does not give the option to change the ringtone. also the web user interface has no option. i don't want to auto provision this. the user should be able to choose. thanx
  11. reco

    Outgoing Audio Suddenly Choppy

    wired i also have Available file system space: -16% even tough i have 400GB available space. i removed all cdr* dirs and reboted. still Available file system space: -16% Version: Epsilon Geminids (MacOS)
  12. reco

    soap stopped working

    i upgraded my server to version 5 to test. the soap call started to work again. back to 4.5 stopped working. trust me this is an issue with Epsilon Geminids (MacOS) can you please check?
  13. i could not find any specific. i will upload the log to the support website. https://snomone.zendesk.com/requests/82
  14. seems snomeone 5.0.3 is untalizing 100% cpu time and loses all registrations to the phones. restart solves the issue os is: mac osx 10.6.8 server
  15. hi there, importing that cert does not help unfortunately these are the certs i have in there now after importing the one you posted here: