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  1. at a domain level or extension level the virtual keys can be defined. However if i set a Action URL and then set a value for Label this not generated in the .xml file what is the work around? is there an fix in an upcoming snom one release?
  2. OK i have sorted this now. The documentation at http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Customized_Ringtones is WRONG!
  3. I have tried to setup a custom ringtone for a hunt group I created a .wav file and have tested it by modifying the config directly on a phone to see if the file worked. On Snom One I couldnt do the config exactly as per the help as it talks about a 'tftp' directory which doesnt exist on snom one. instead i have got an instance of IIS listening on port 81 and then set the URL in ringtones.xml to be : I am able to select the name of the ring tone in the hunt group setup should this work? the phones are snom 870 running
  4. this makes no sense. what do you mean?
  5. I have been testing the UCClient against SnomOne 5.0.10 and the contacts list contain item I don't want to be displayed such as hunt groups, trunks and service flags. What setting do I apply on Snom One to hide these?
  6. Hello, Is it possible to disable the use of encryption on the UCclient? I am having problems with occasional outbound calls from extensions to SIP trunk having no inbound audio. the solution on other phones is to disable it. I cant find a way to do this with the softphone
  7. hello I have experienced the same problem; calls from extensions to outside have no inbound audio path. The problem wasn't the firewall, but in the translation from RTP to SRTP by Snom One. As per the OP above, turning off encryption for extensions 'fixes' the problem. I should also say that this problem did not occur for all calls.
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