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  1. thanks for your answer. I like the dedicated device so a couple more questions. - Is it possible to, once a day, automatically move the audio recordings to a NAS on the same network (using a script or so). If Yes can you supply me the script?. Maybe it is nice idea for standard functionality that can be managed via the GUI. Also an alternative could be to have the NAS move the files from the Snom SOHO. But it should not become too complicated....What would be you advise to daily offload the voice files? - At his moment use a non-dedicated PC and sometimes run into problems with availability. Once in a while I have to restart the PC to keep Snom One working properly. I tried Windows and OSX. In case I have to stick to a PC, what is the preferred platform looking at reliability. OSX, Linux or Windows. Thanks again, Paul
  2. Hello, at this moment I use Snom One Free on a Windows machine together with four Snom M9s. I like a dedicated device for the Snom One software so am thinking about buying the Snom One Soho. Questions: - Is the functionality exactly the same as the separate Snom ONE software? - I use the recording functionality a lot to record conversation. - Does this also work on the Soho? - How much space is available in the system (memory etc)? - How do I access the recordings (in windows I access it on file level with a browser not via the GUI)? - Are there any specific advantages for using the SOHO that you can mention? Thanks for the help, Regards, Paul
  3. Thanks for your valuable input. I'll give it a try in the coming days. Regards, Paul
  4. Ok, I use IVR now because I can control the content a bit more. I have the following structure. 800 IVR Node (Silence-2s) 801 IVR Node (Voor engels (bi_for_language)) 802 IVR Node (Press 2 (bi_press2)) 803 IVR Node (Silence-2s) 810 IVR Node (Welkom (aa_welcome_auto)) 812 IVR Node (IVR Node (Silence-2s)) 814 IVR Node (Uwordtdoorgeschakeld (pb_hold_redirect)) 816 IVR Node (IVR Node (Silence-2s)) 860 IVR Node (Welcome_en (aa_welcome_auto)) 862 IVR Node (IVR Node (Silence-2s)) 864 IVR Node (YouAreRedirected (pb_hold_redirect)) 866 IVR Node (IVR Node (Silence-2s)) 800 to 816 are Dutch 860 to 866 are English A call on the trunk goes to 800. When pressing "2" is goes to 860. the 800 chain ends in extension 41 that should have Dutch language for the mailbox. the 860 chain ends in extension 42 that should have English language for the mailbox. As this seems not be possible this way according to your reply, can you suggest a way to do this smart within the constraints of the system. Regards, Paul
  5. I have 2 languages installed. Dutch and Englisch. As system default language I selected English. When I select Dutch as IVR language for an extension it still plays the english message when transferred to the mailbox. Is there a misunderstanding from my side? Paul
  6. Hello, I have set-up an IVR chain where two languages can be selected. Dutch and English. The last step is to the extension. After 30 seconds the mailbox message with name is given. Is it possible to have this mailbox message dynamically be given in Dutch or English? Or do I have to use two different extensions for that (in a smart way)? Regards, Paul
  7. I agree and understand.. It is for limited home use only. That is my case and the reason that I invested in Snom hardware. Let me see if I get stuck with 2 extension and an extensive IVR setup including call-back facilities. If I reach the 30 limit I will let you know. I hope you can adjust the scheme somewhat to support home use, still protecting your own investments. Paul
  8. thanks for the replies. But the snom ONE free documentation only states a maximum of 10 extensions. That is the basis for me buying the hardware. Where suddenly the max on user (accounts) is coming from? And what is the reasoning behind it? It is not stated anywhere. Paul
  9. Is more information required to answer this question? I procured snom hardware to be used with snom One free. If my perception was wrong about the snom One free possibilities, than please inform me so I can return the hardware in time. Thanks. Regards, Paul
  10. Here is the page. the problem is that the maximum number of IVR Nodes is 10. But this is mixed up with the maximum of the extensions. The maximum number of the IVR nodes should be 99999 (see trail above).. Paul Domain Status Overview: Help Please use the information on this web page when you address the support. It makes it much easier to locate the problems. Version: 2011- (Darwin) Accounts: Total 30 Extensions 9 Attendants 1 Conferences 1 Hunt Groups 1 Agent Group (Queues) 1 Calling Cards 1 Paging Groups 1 Service Flags 5 IVR Nodes 10 CO Lines 0 Registered Extensions 1
  11. See trail above. I downloaded Snom One and licensed it for 10 extensions as snom ONE free. I use version Please use the information on this web page when you address the support. It makes it much easier to locate the problems. Version: 2011- (Darwin) Regards, Paul
  12. Hello, I just installed the latest version of the snom One, but this problem still exists. Do you have an estimate for the version that this problem is corrected. Regards, Paul
  13. thanks. I did check that link before but the following is still not clear to me. On the downloads page there is only a downloadable file for "New Installations Only" I did download this file to try out, but I cannot recognise a file in the package that I can use for a manual install/upgrade. So questions: - Do I need to use the downloadable file that is mentioned as "New Installations Only" also to upgrade an existing installation. - If Yes, what is the procedure. - If No, where can I find the downloadable file for "Existing Installations" Regards, Paul
  14. Hello, How do I upgrade an existing MAC OS X installation. I only see downloads related to NEW installations. Also the instructions available for a Windows setup in an existing installation do not seem to apply. Thanks, Paul
  15. That sounds great, because I like the product and is indeed great value, (also for home usage). How do we go from here? Do we need to download a new version that has the problem corrected? By the way, I am using the software on a Mac with OS X v10.6.4. Regards, Paul
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