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  1. Vodia doesn't have any support on the weekend when we want to do upgrades etc.
  2. Where is Snom putting the img files for the PBX. I understood them to all be in /usr/local/snomeone/img /usr/local/snomone/img is where I have my logo but the html code is referencing /img in another location. Where is that location.
  3. We just upgraded to Delta Aurigids (CentOS32) All of our incoming calls are now showing anonymous. Any Ideas?
  4. We now have inbound faxs working so the T38 works. We believe that the problem with the outbound Faxs is the PSTN gateway. I don't think they are supporting t38.
  5. I'm hoping someone can help. I have several clients that still want a fax machines and would like them on the PBX. We have purchased Audiocodes MP-201 ATAs and are having a terrible time getting them working. We have set up an extension for the fax and have put it on the Auto Attendant with a "F". The extension is registered with the PBX and we can make voice calls over the extension without a problem. When we send a fax to the extension the AA is directing the FAX to the correct extension but the FAX machine or ATA is not accepting it. The ATA is setup for T38 Routing. CNG detection is enabled. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I will limit the call log to messages only. When I change the trunk to no indication I can't make out bound calls
  7. I tried this the inbound calls failed to connect.
  8. I'm having a real problem with redirects to cell phones. If I call an extension from a phone registered to the PBX the calls are redirected to the cell phones with out a problem. When i dial in from a DID number and dial an extension the redirect to the cell phone is dropped.
  9. I am getting the message below. 403 From: URI not recognized (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds I have several domains with the same trunk provider using the same login credentials and those work fine. I just can't seem to get the latest one working. The calls are rejected.
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