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  1. Ok I solved the problem. On SPA525G: In Extension settings, if you plan to use G722 (Advanced setting), please be sure that : DTMF Process AVT: is set to YES and : DTMF Tx Method: is set to AVT and that you use G722 as preferred codec ! Regards, Alexandre
  2. Hello, I have tried to use HD telephony codec (G722), quality is better however it seems that DTMF are not working. Phone : SPA525G PBX Vodia latest version For instance, when I try to call my voicemail, i enter my PIN but nothing happens. Thanks for help, Alexandre
  3. Hello, I wanted to know whether there was any update on this point for Cisco phones ? Regards, Alexandre
  4. Hello, I have noticed that a bug occurred . The top banner disappears on the page http:/pbx/reg_access.htm - I have noticed it with custom banner uploaded. Regards, Alexandre
  5. Oh Ok But it is written in my account that my license can not be reset anymore ! How should I then do ?
  6. Hello, Sue to a server migration, I have reinstalled SnomOne Pbx on the new machine. Unfortunately, it does not work. In the log file, I'm encountering the following : [5] 0:25:37.758 GENE: License: Code does not look like a license MAC address did not match Thanks for help !
  7. Hello, I would like to know why when an anonymous ringer calls, the From-header setting set for an agent queue ceases to work. When calling party number isn't hidden, I have set up the From-header to display "Queue Name (Calling Number), in order to know which queue and number he agent should expect. However, I have noticed that when a caller is calling with a hidden number, unfortunately the pattern does not appear anymore and only Anonmyous appears. Thus, it is not possible to know which service the anonymous caller has called. Indeed, instead of getting "Queue Name (Anonymous)', only Anonymous is displayed. The queue name does not appear. Phone : SPA525G Best regards, Alexandre
  8. What did you do to get BLF working on SPA112? Thanks, AL
  9. Hello, That is what I did. I edited my resolv.conf file in order to put as first an outside DNS server and it worked properly ! nameserver nameserver search ovh.net Glad to see the license being updated. Alexandre
  10. Ok I will install tshakr and I will see. Here are other log of SnomPBX : [5] 19:46:46.608 GENE: License: Activate license with code XXXXXXXXXXX [8] 19:46:46.608 SIP: DNS: Request www.snomone.com from server [8] 19:46:46.609 SIP: DNS: Add A www.snomone.com (ttl=60) [8] 19:46:46.610 SIP: DNS: Request www.snomone.com from server [8] 19:46:46.610 SIP: DNS: Add AAAA www.snomone.com (ttl=60) [8] 19:47:46.609 SIP: DNS: A www.snomone.com expired Does it help you? Regards, Alexandre
  11. On the extension i would like to monitor, i can only see regular REGISTRATION (1) and not any dialog subscription.
  12. Hello, How should I proceed to see those dialog subscriptions in the web interface ? Regards, Alexandre
  13. I have noticed that I'm also encountering the problem to connect trunks. My trunk registrations only work when I set IP adresses in the proxy. Could you tell me more about I should proceed with PCAP and filter DNS packet because it seems beyond my technical knowledge. Kind regards, Alexandre
  14. Hello, I'm using SPA525G phones with SnomONE. I have got unused line keys on the screen i wanted to use for BLF to monitor extensions and parking orbit. I tried to set on a key the following function for BLF : fnc=sd+blf+cp;ext=40@$PROXY; The only thing is that BLF isn't working because when the extension 40 is being called, the status on my phone does not change. I have activated calls monitoring of extension 40 on my account in SnomONE account settings. How can this be achieved from a Cisco SPA 5XX phone ? Regarding the park orbit key, i tried : fnc=prk;ext=45@$PROXY; Does not work when a call has been parked on this orbit. No blink light. (where 45 is an orbit park) I look forward other CIsco users to know which settings I should apply. Many thanks, Alexandre
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