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  1. Getting the same issue recently install a netgear router behind a smc cable modem in hopes of better routing. I can call extensions and even outside numbers the remote phone will ring. however I do not hear ring back nor can either party hear each other when the call is answered.
  2. I thought I just saw a wiki that actually explained how to alias an account to a DID but did so in an opposie manor than what I saw in the manual. Maybe I'm missing something? What if I wanted to route a DID and TFN to one account is this possible and how would it be done?
  3. Still does not answer the question. Why does an account not answer when it is setup like this 90 7891234567 this is how the manual says to alias an account. However When we setup the account like this 90/7891234567 this seems to work but it creates another account call 7891234567<90>
  4. okay but this does not answer the question.
  5. we are having the same problem. Was this resolved?
  6. Hello, We have a new setup and we are trying to attach a DID to a particular extension (90). The manual says that we can create an account and create an alias using the following format 90 7891234567. When we create an account 90 7891234567 save it then try to call the DID 7891234567 we get a message that the account or number could not be found. So if we change the account and set it as 90/7891234567 save the account. Now when we call 7891234567 the call completes without issue. However when creating a account alias to a DID using the / another account is created on the system which uses another user license. How can we create a DID alias to an account without having to use another license? Thanks, Greg
  7. One of the things that I've noticed is that the PBX is not generating all of the files. When I look in the generated directory I see one file with the MAC address of the phone but the file has no information when I look at the contents.
  8. okay so is there a solid step by step instruction available for setting up tftp? Do I need to create some files ahead of time? if so where do i put them? how should they look? what url do I use? has anyone been able to get it this to work in a similar setup? if so can you share what you did?
  9. so tftp is required for this work? what if the server is nat'd behind a firewall? the phones would also be nat'd at the customer site.
  10. I've have been through so many manuals, wiki's, snome support site, pbxnsip support site, all of these different documents, etc. in regards to WAN PnP and we still have not been able to get it setup. Does anyone have true step by step instructions for setting up WAN based PnP for SnomOne using snom300 phones? Instructions that when followed result in a system that actually works?
  11. It does not load from the web browser. I did not change anything this is a fresh install.
  12. that's resolved now.. When when the phone goes to <public ip>/provisioning/snom300.htm it produces this output <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> - <setting-files> <file url="<public ip>/prov/snom_3xx_fw.xml?model=snom300" /> <file url="<public ip>/prov/snom_3xx_phone.xml?model=snom300" /> <file url="<public ip>/prov/snom_300_fkeys.xml?model=snom300" /> <file url="<public ip>/prov/snom_web_lang.xml?model=snom300" /> <file url="<public ip>/prov/snom_gui_lang.xml?model=snom300" /> </setting-files> when the phone connects to <public ip>//prov/snom_3xx_fw.xml?model=snom300 it produces this output <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> - <phone-settings> <firmware_status perm="RW"><public ip>/prov/snom_3xx_fs.xml?model=snom300</firmware_status> </phone-settings> and when the phone finally tries to go to <public ip>/prov/snom_3xx_fs.xml?model=snom300 We get the following output File snom_3xx_fs.xml is empty Please ask your system administrator to check the log file.
  13. this is the error I get when I try to auto provision over the wan snom_3xx_fs.xml is empty
  14. well this issues was that I needed to upgrade because my version did not have the web page control tab. Now that I've upgraded I see the tab and I've made the change to snom_300.xml document but now according the logs I need to change the 300fs and 300fw files and apparently I need to load some configuration file else the phone will not be provisioned. Any advice or if you could point me to the correct documentation I can learn for myself.
  15. okay what am I missing? I do not have the option to Navigate to "Admin->Web Page Control->Templates".
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