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  1. Thanks. I was able to make it work by setting up DID names on the accounts and leaving the "route to extension" blank in the trunk configuration.
  2. Unfortunately, I'm not using 5.1. I'm using a SNOM ONE MINI running How do I do it with this release?
  3. I think I understand what you are saying, but, being new to SNOM ONE, I don't know how to implement what you suggest. How, in the SNOM ONE gui, do I create the rules in the PBX that will route to different extensions based on the Request-URI or To-header?
  4. It does matter which trunk is selected because one trunk is for the main number that goes to the receptionist and the other is for the back office that goes to a different station. I can change the account names at Vitelity, but, sorry, I'm still a bit fuzzy regarding exactly what you mean by "giving accounts in the domain additional names that match the numbers being called." As you can see the incoming invite and To: show the number that was called, but how do I get the PBX to select the right trunk? What, exactly, would you recommend I put in which field of the trunk configuration to get th
  5. I'm having exactly the same problem. I'm using two SIP Registration trunks from the same ISP (Vitelity). Could you please elaborate on what you mean by the "account name of the trunk being what the provider sends when using the trunk"? If my SIP invite looks like below, exactly what field in the trunk configuration should contain exactly what value to make this work? (I've replaced some data with xxx.) The only value that differs when I call different numbers on the ISP is the xxxx431160 portion of the INVITE or the To: line, but putting xxxx431160 as the name for the trunk did not work. I
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