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  1. GregW

    Lost paging

    Yes it is. I I said the phone do initiate paging and you can hear the initial paging tone, but when talking no sound is being transmitted. Only two phones appear to be affected. Let me know if there is anything else you would like me to get from the phone or server. Thanks!
  2. GregW

    Lost paging

    I'm using multicast, and I did tried this; no effect. It used to work on all phones but now it doesn't work on two phones that use paging most frequently. I did not do any updates or changes before this happened.
  3. GregW

    Lost paging

    I have SnomONE Plus version Epsilon Geminids (CentOS32). About 2-3 weeks ago I lost ability to page from two extensions. When trying to page I get the sound indicating that the paging is in progress, but when talking, there is no sound coming out of any other Snom device. These are the steps, I tried to fix the issue: 1. Check all the settings. 2. Reset phone to factory default. 3. Recreate the account. 4. Replace the phone. Resetting the phone and recreating account seems to fix the problem for short period of time, but then it appears again. Hopefully, someone here can help, because I have the support ticket already opened for 2 weeks. Thanks!
  4. If Windows Embedded 7 can work with ARM it should work
  5. Well, I need to run this on Sheeva. Has anyone successfully loaded loaded snomone on sheeva or regular linux box. If so please post the right way of doing this. I will appreciate any help. Thanx
  6. Hi, I would like to know why when I try to install SnomONE on SheevaPlug I get the following set of errors at the end of installetion. ./postinst.sh: line 34: /sbin/chkconfig: No such file or directory /etc/init.d/snomONE: line 8: /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions: No such file or directory Starting snomONE-ctrl: /etc/init.d/snomONE: line 25: demon: command not found If anyone could guide me through installing it I would be very thankful. P.S. I'm not a Linux person, so my knowledge about linux is basic. Thanx Greg
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