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  1. We're trying to setup Snom One in a dual NIC environment. One NIC for the LAN and internet and the other for SIP trunks. The LAN side is and the SIP side is We are having issues sending all of the SIP traffic out the second NIC, but we're also having an issues with the phones. When we activate the second NIC our 320's drop off the PBX and will not re-provision, nor can any new ones be provisioned. It doesn't seem to matter if they're setup manually or via PNP. anybody have any ideas?
  2. Let's say that the PBX on the LAN side had an IP of and a gateway og The second NIC on the PBX (and the NIC the SIP traffic has to go back to) has an IP of If the return SIP traffic has to go through the gateway on the 30 network back to say, what route would you add?
  3. We're trying to get a Snom One server setup and we have an interesting dilemma. The server has 2 NIC's, one for our LAN and the other for SIP trunks. Our provider brings us Internet and SIP on fiber, each on a separate port. The SIP port has a private address of which is fine. But the return SIP traffic has to go back through the private network and the return address is The problem is that the Snom box will not send the return traffic through the private NIC but instead it routes it out through the LAN NIC. I've tried IP replacement to no avail. anybody have any sug
  4. Matt, I agree with most of what you're saying and I feel it shows in my email. I've been impressed with the support I've received and I agree that Snom is a cut above some of the others. But we can't give them a complete pass just because other worthless companies do next to nothing. On the other hand I prefer to push my vendors to strive for excellence and to realize that their very best is never enough and that they should be strive to exceed our expectations. Of course they will never be able to, but if they always try and if we always try, all of us can have a great relationships.
  5. I have to say that your support response was quite good and you provided a working solution for what turned out to be a known issue. I do appreciate your help and your comment here in the forum; it's nice to know that you guys do monitor these posts. However I will not give you a pass on my gripe, and I don't feel that most of us would. All of us are used to dealing with technical issues, it's our job. But what we need (what we long for) is complete transparency from you. You guys brag that Snom One provides Plug and Play with "all" Snom phones. . .I beg to differ. :-) There is absolutely n
  6. Thanks for the info, I like your Blog by the way. I also have the link to the download but it has the same version I have now, .3958 and it's the one with the bug. Support says they will send me a download with the bug fix. so maybe this will be solved by tomorrow. It seems sometimes that trying to find fixes from some of these companies is like looking for the Holy Grail or something. I don't understand why they can't setup a download site with everything already on it. I could have had this solved days ago, but instead I have to trudge along on a dead end ghost hunt. but that is the life o
  7. I did get a reply today from Snom support telling me that this is an issue with earlier versions and it has been addressed in later updates. Problem is I just downloaded the program and there does not seem to be a way to get the bug fixes or updates. I guess I will get used to Snom's archaic support system. The support rep said I could email him for the fix, but he left no forwarding address or info on how to get the fix and the return email is a non-reply address. My version is 2011- (Win32). I do agree that the program needs an update utility but I also am not a big fan of updati
  8. We're setting up our first Snom One PBX and all of our 320's have provisioned without a hitch. The 821's have been another story. does anybody know the trick to getting them to setup, or perhaps some magic dust or a sledge hammer?
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