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  1. Hello, the easiest thing to do is to create an agent group then add your recordings to greeting number 1. Leave greeting 0 empty. While the greeting is playing the phones will be ringing. Also from caller setup you would have to select, no ring back tone continue playing music. You could also set a ringback tone as your music on hold.
  2. Why remove extension that can use this Park Orbit option, I think it's a good field.
  3. There is also another problem. The park orbit does not save the on hold selection. Will that be removed too?
  4. broz

    Custom Ringtones

    No, you didn't get it. the tone that is used when the phone rings, where does it come from. I understand that you have to create your own tone. Where does the sound file comes from or should I say where must the sound file be placed in order for SnomOne to use it? Is it something you create using software like Wave Pad Editor then upload, or is it built into the phones or into SnomOne?
  5. broz

    Starting snomOne

    Think I found the culprit that was running on 5060. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Hi there! I am trying to find out where do I put the customized ringtones in order to get the snom ip phones to recognize it. I have already downloaded the files and customized it as instructed.
  7. broz

    Starting snomOne

    The system is actually a windows XP.
  8. Hello there. I have a problem. When ever I restart the snomOne server, sometimes the snomOne service/software refuses to restart. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. I am trying to find out if when a queue announcement is being played -eg all our rep are busy- and a caller is in that queue waiting, and should a rep becomes available while the announcement is playing, would the announcement stop playing immediately and place the queued person into ring back mode or would the announcement be completed before the caller is placed in ring back?
  10. I still would like to know how does this work.
  11. Hi there is it possible to connect two snomone free servers on the same private network? If yes, can they be inter connected to act as one server?
  12. Jer, from what you have said, I also believe that this is a bug and needs to be fixed. Experienced these ghost calls once on the free version of a particular asterisk pbx. Gosh this can be annoying! I do hope that Snom and pbxnsip will place all efforts into correcting all bugs on this system as I intend to market this product very soon.
  13. I am extremely grateful for Snom One. I personally will work with a subsidize price for the PBX in exchange for using Snom phones. Good deal. Hope it will remain that way, then i'll buy lots of phones!

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