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  1. I have the same problem on this feature. Inbound calls didn't record at all. Is there a work around for this? Paging to PBXNSIP support. Please answer us on the said problem. Its been 5 months now and still were not getting any answer on this for the version :-(
  2. Is the problem of YMSL resolved? All calls get recorded but incoming and outgoing have no differences on this built it always put -i- does not matter if is incoming or outgoing! Still got problem with this. Anyone?
  3. We have upgraded from version 2 to version Call recording in version 2 is fine, but after we have upgraded to version 3 the file doesn't seem to follow the setting $r/$d/$t-$i-$u-$n.wav. the $i doesn't follow if it is incoming or outgoing and the $u will result in agent group id instead of extension id. Please help.
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