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  1. it could be that, it could also be one person using dummy accounts and i.p.
  2. This is a great start and collaborative contribution.
  3. Thanks Matt, I'll visit your blog. I have a blog site too which we are updating. maybe you can visit it sometimes. http://businesstelecommunicationsystem.blogspot.com/ Cheers,
  4. VOiP is dependent to the internet connection. so if the internet connection is slow, the quality will be poor. but if connection is good and still quality is poor, it could be because of the hardware or software that is used.
  5. Hello everyone, First I want to greet each and everyone a Happy new year and I hope we will all have productive year. Last year was good but I hope and pray that this year is gonna be great for all of us. This topic is all about new pbx products. Do you know what are the new pbx products that are up and coming this year? Cheers, Harry
  6. If this is coaxial then it would be more than a 1000 ft.
  7. The latest VOIP phones will be able to handle that demand.
  8. Making your content not spammy / promotional and with correct grammar would work. we tried to make a wiki page/bio before, but they turn it down after a month because we are though it is a person, we are still promoting.
  9. You can try some free web hosting too. freehostia.com and x10hosting.com, these are the two free web hosting where I practiced.
  10. Hello friend, I haven't heard of someone using iPod touch as portable phones over wifi. if ever it is possible, maybe Apple company knows how. You can try to call their toll free number.
  11. Isn't it the purpose of Virtual Fax. It is received as email.
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