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  1. before the PBX age the provider use a 4 PAP2 with 2 phone line each PAP2. Now I setup all this lines as trunks (SIP registration) in the PBXnSIP. You think the problem is to have several SIP registrations from the PBXnSIP to SoftSwitch?
  2. Next.. in the process I having a response 487 Request canceled ONLY IN some destination.
  3. Well.. I confirm the ploblem (11 mins. calls) was in the softwsitch of the provider
  4. I try making a call with the PAP2, with the same configuration IP, account etc.. And the call never disconect until to hang up the phone.
  5. Here the log.. 416 685.530770 SIP Status: 200 OK (1 bindings) 417 685.644603 SIP/SDP Request: INVITE sip:5045403107@, with session description418 418 686.470395 SIP Request: REGISTER sip:g1sbc.cablecolor.hn 419 686.514361 SIP Status: 200 OK (1 bindings) 420 689.644800 SIP/SDP Request: INVITE sip:5045403107@, with session description 421 693.644257 SIP Request: BYE sip:5045403107@ 422 693.647387 SIP Status: 200 Ok 423 697.440785 SIP Request: REGISTER sip:g1sbc.cablecolor.hn 424 697.554207 SIP Status: 200 OK (1 bindings) 425 700.410423 SIP Request: REGISTER sip:g1sbc.cablecolor.hn Llamamada_Cortada.zip
  6. Next.. in this process The call only lasts 11 minutes with 11 seconds I check the value of "Maximum call duration" and it is 7200
  7. DING DING DING Its works, and weird, because, when i call from a number of the same PSTN, the call have the ringback, but calling from other PSTN to my number they don;t have.. but it is fixed, turning off the 183 media option..
  8. I am attaching the log of the tracert call to analize ElLog.txt Log_WireShark.pcap.txt
  9. Hi I am installing a new server and I would be describing each of the activities that I doing, and so you can help me if I have any problem, if everything looks good, the procedure is documented for future reference. Greetings First I setup the the TRUNK with PAP2 acount and now I can make y recive calls, but when I make a call (VoIP Provider -> PBXnSIP -> IpPhone) I do not have ringbacktone. Any idea, what i can do?
  10. rreyes

    Migrate account

    1- PDF creator 2 - ok 3 In grandstream have a number of USA, is a service live vonage. I want to use this account to have another line, when i want call to USA, only have to take this trunk...
  11. I have a SIP account in a Grandtream 486 But with the new PBX (PBXnSIP of course) i want to use this account as a trunk. I use this.. and make this.. But. Don'twork, something is bad with the ID Can you help me?
  12. Can I make SIP TRUNKING between a PBX MITEL 3300 and PBXnSIP? Or How can interconnect PBXnSIP to the existing MITEL PBX ?
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