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  1. I feel like the Wiki is missing a few steps at the very least... I'm not using any prefixes or anything in my lab. Just 3 digit numbers. I have the integration with OCS and PBXnSIP working perfectly (well, almost - if I call from a phone to a user, Office Communicator doesn't seem to resolve the name properly, but I can live with that for now). I followed the UM wiki, and I have verified Exchange can contact the gateway by using the test-umconnectivity commandlet so that it rings a phone, but I didn't see any info on how to configure the auto-attendant. I associated a number with the attendant on the Exchange side, but what needs to be done on the pbxnsip side? Do I need to create an account for that number? Add a sip registration for it? How do I configure pbxnsip to send all voicemail requests to Exchange? I entered 200 (the number I associated with the attendant on Exchange) as the redirection target. Right now all I get when I try to dial that number is "Destination not found"
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